Wednesday, June 5

Taiwan Day 7 & Last Day

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So this is the late post for the trip! Nothing to say much on our last day of the trip cause we had our own free day. So its kinda like self touring and shopping all day. We went to underground mall at Taipei Main Station.

We were kinda early, so most of the shop weren't open until 11 a.m. But we still manage to shop few lots of shop opened. Oh there's even a sushi stall at the underground MRT, so we had few of sushi for breakfast since hotel food sucks. Super cheap and delicious!! It cost us RM1.50 for each type of sushi especially Unagi and salmon sushi! Die of happiness. LOL 

Anyway before we headed to Xi Men Ding, we stroll around the nearby town for shopping and lunch. Most of the shopping mall nearby the underground MRT were mostly branded stuff but still cheaper 20% than Malaysia. 

These are the meal we had in one of the shopping mall. Big portion since its a set! Super bloated with delicious food. Yummaayyyyy *drooling* After lunch, we went back to the underground MRT and headed to Xi Men Ding. We shop, we tried out their food and bought some back for dinner. Manage to found few shop that sell the best food.

We went back to hotel around 6pm, super exhausted and tired, had dinner from the food we bought, took some rest and bath and packing up.

So the next day we had to woke up at 4 am and headed to the airport by 5 am. Return to KK around 12pm. And I even went out with my friend and had a body massage! So good for long flight and tiredness from the trip!

Do read my previous post if you haven't. Hoping and planning for the next trip! Food post and flowery flower post will be up soon! Don't miss out! ♥ ☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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