Friday, June 28

Arm / Hair Bandage

My mom so awesome. 
Cutting our costume again this time. 
Yup we're having another performance again this year but a simple one
Our dance group's anniversary performance.
So we sorta get into a DIY mood again. 
If you read my previous post we decorate our own costume for the big event costume-of-night
So I was like yay!! I'm just squat-ing beside and look at how my mom makes it (notreallytho:P)
So I was like oh I also want to make as well. LOL

I took the cut out sleeves and make my own DIY style. LOL

1. Just cut out the triangle shape and make it into rectangle.
2. Take the rectangle clothes and twist into your arm like headband

Looks perfectly on my skin LOL
Actually you can made it into head bandage as well, but I tied it up as arm bandage!
 Yeah I made it a little bit creative!
Cause I notice a lot of Zumba lover wore arm band.
Super useful especially for jogging and also for those Zumba lover 
You know!? Type of accessories that just be it anywhere and everywhere. haha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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