Thursday, August 24

270517 Ramadan Kareem lunch

To tell you guys the truth. ever since I've came to Geraldton everything became so fun and exciting even just for lunch gathering. It was real nice and casual day to eat, chat and enjoy our day. We really like to cook and ask the guys to head to our place for lunch. 

We made seafood pasta, pizza, salad and bought choco cake!

Not to mention Nicole's first ever successful Japanese cheesecake!

Always photo first before our meal!

Group photo!!

After all the scrumptious meal, I discovered that Nurool have insta camera! OMG I'm obsessed. But the film are real expensive compared back Malaysia. Give me all the Polaroid!!!!!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Sunday, August 13

210517 Bulan Ramadan House Party

This year Hari Puasa came early. Everyone were fasting at the first week of June. So Nurool decided to do a Bulan Ramadan House Party and invite few of her friends over to her house for lunch. So we helped her prepared and cook some delicious food. 

Not to mention amazing dessert section for all of us! 

Korean fried chicken from Moon & Minji.

Chef in making! 😁

I'm the BBQ chef! 

After all the party ended I had a short nap before I head to work in the Indian Restaurant. It was pretty much tiring and awesome day. After I finished work we went back to Nurool house to continue our leftover feast. And play some fireworks while we can. It was just as nice to have them in my life. A very simple and casual event but part of our memories. 💓

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Saturday, August 5

130517 Quaff Food & Wine Expo

Last two months ago when it was still summer. City of Great Geraldton conducted an event where we can enjoy glorious gourmet and feast from different food trucks and restaurant. This gave us opportunities to explore our taste bud and amazing winery available in WA.

We decided to go to into the Wine expo where we can taste different types of wine all over the country but mostly from WA region. Not to mention amazing dips and food tasting provided by various market.


I was pretty much at my limit of wine tasting. But nonetheless we still try bits by bits while we can.

I was already at my limit so we have to eat something to fill up our tummy and then continue the wine tasting session. But we were quite full by the time not in the mood to continue. I have to work as well.

We chill out and enjoy the amazing day together. It was fun with lots of laughter and moments. We were laughing like crazy because we're half drunk. We both even bought our favorite wine. All was good day for us. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.