Monday, May 27

Taiwan Day 6

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Woke up early especially for Day 6 cause we're heading to Yang Ming San. A very long journey approximately 3 hours of bus journey. But luckily every time long journey of road trip we always stop by at the resting station. Bought some snack, sushi!! Taiwan sushi were cheaper and has more variety. 

Arrived at Yang Ming San for sight seeing. So many beautiful flowers and view, but unfortunately a lot of flowers started to withered, but still a great place. 



The one and only few sakura tree we've saw at Yang Ming San

Family ♥ All of us look fat btw. HAHA

After sight seeing, we headed to town for lunch! Its a buffet steamboat with loads of meat and variety! Then we headed to a mysterious museum which doesn't allow any picture taken inside. And it was fucking crowded with China tourist again! Sucks and rudest people ever!

Only managed to take picture outside the museum. LOL

Another family picture with Auntie! ♥
After that we straight away headed to Shi Lin night market, we went there for dinner and shopping as well. Then off to Taipei 101 for a short tour. 

Such amazing structure of the building, branded stuff, what I love most is their supermarket. Oh and the most cheapest brand I can afford to buy in Taipei 101 mall is ZARA -.-

Oh that night, it was freezing!!!! Mad cold cause it was raining, inside Taipei 101 was much warmer until we went out from the mall. Before we headed back to hotel we went to a specialize bakery for some souvenir. Had another great day as well.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Monday, May 20

Taiwan Day 5

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Okay Day 5 (27/03/2013) in Taiwan marked the most memorable day for me (everyone actually), cause on the way back to Taichung which was going to North side, we experience to most terrifying things. EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! RUNNNNNNN!!!! DAFUQ!!! SCARED DIE US (not really actually hahaha) 

We're stopping by at the Resting Station while we're heading toward North side of Taichung and earthquake occurred. When I was buying some snack at the shop the whole scene was like shaking it was 3.6 to 4 Magnitude. WTF!!!!! 

My reaction while I was in the shop was like nothing, I was thinking why the refrigerator was moving, and the next thing I saw was the lights of the ceiling were moving. Before I notice I was happily following the flow of the earthquake wave. HAHAHA After that, I notice its an earthquake. LOL

Anyway after all this ruckus, news apparently became super efficient. We watch news in the bus. HAHA And on our way we arrived at a wine factory. 

When we arrived at the wine factory, the smells is so strong. 
Instead of smelling like wine I smell like Tia da Jiu (for wine bruise/ massage) 

There's a souvenir shop selling loads of wine product and food that is made from wine. We tried out their popsicle on a cold weather! Oh and the earthquake hasn't stop yet. We even felt the shake at the wine factory as well. 

Then we headed for lunch at with these amazing view! 
I totally forgot the place's name. -.-

Then we headed to Pu Li Village or something something ( totally forgot & I can't read my own writing on the note I've written wtf) You can read the chinese words I've taken on the picture below anyway. haha

They are the 4th generation of the Sau Xing tribes (similar to Iban, Bajau). They gave a few speech and introduction of lingzi (expensive fungi). They also did some explanation towards their population and culture. The original pure blood Sau Xing tribe left around 100++ people.

Their relation were pretty close and unable to married each other cause its like marrying your close cousin. The point is they say the mother must kept on having babies/kids non stop to make sure their generation is pass down. wtf.

Anyway after all these boring explanation and their selling point we headed to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 (Google finally get the correct chinese lol) Amazing scenery, and we rest at the stall since its visiting temple again. Boring. haha

Near by the Sun Moon Lake there's a Peacock Garden. We manage to take few picture.

Finally at night we went for own dinner at Yi Chong Night Market and shopping as well. Tried out their delicacies Beef Noodles ( pic on the last post :P) , catching up with the news on the restaurant about the earthquake. LOL. Kinda serious in certain places. 

We shop shop shop and shop, this place has more cheaper stuff than other night market. Managed to shop a lot here and bought stuff for my friends. hahaha Oh we already got fed up with their food already. Either its too oily or the same thing. Anyway we still have fun especially sight seeing. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, May 15


Lots of things happen lately. There's up and down. But all I wanted to say that I'm Thankful for things happened around me. Happy thing is last year I got into newspaper which the topic is not relevant to me at all. Its about scholarship, which I did not apply and they just use my face and publish into the news! hahaha

This year things got better! 

I've been joining loads of competition lately, from local competition to nuffnang competition. Oh I won the complimentary passes and featured in Breeze magazine for the month of April! hahaha I'm so happy that I won it but I lost my passes at home. Geddit?? I JUST LOST IT WITHOUT WATCHING THE MOVIE YET! Super sad and I got scold. LOL

Another good thing is a blogger reply my tweet!!!!!!!!!!!! T__________T Cause I decided to make my twitter none private, so I'm able to interact with bloggers, youtubers or whatsoever. hahaha Do follow me! VOOMEI  Its kinda a hard thing to make it public to anyone else. I need some privacy as well. But oh well i can share my privacy stuff with my best friends only. ☺

This is the latest competition that I've join! I got compliment being a smart lady. LOL Thank You who comment that. ☺Kinda overwhelmed and happy for the compliment, and the statement I wrote is true btw.

And also I'm thankful and happy that my bff passed all her subject and is officially graduated! I'm really blessed and thankful for all the good things happened around me, family and friends despite my bad attitude and other stuff. Feeling overly emotional lately due to my period. Never been so emotional before.

Anyway Thank You and I'm Thankful for everything. ☺♥

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless!

Monday, May 13

Taiwan Day 4

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For the first visit we went to a Pearl Shop, specialized in selling pearls. Not interested so we didn't bought and its freaking expensive. Then off to sight seeing, few temples again, not interested. We just took few picture out side the Temple.  

Its kinda hot during the fourth day cause our destination is located on the south Kao Shiung. Upper North side Taipei were cooler. After all those boring sight viewing we headed to Pink House for lunch. 

Not really a fan of pink stuff but I just wanna take some picture and show it to you all. ☺

After lunch, headed to a ferry port. We travel by small ferry to go across the side of the town. If we don't take ferry it would wasted us more than an hour for a detour to the side of the town. Enjoyed the amazing scenery.

Other side of the town.

Then shopping time at Xin Jie. Some where in Taiwan (Kao Shiung to be exact) hahaha. A lot of cheap clothes and dress, bought few stuff there. 2 hours of shopping then we're off to dinner!

We're having vegetarian steamboat. Can you see the HUGE CABBAGE on the side? I've already put half of the portion into the pot but there's still a lot left. We ate a lot of vegetables that night super healthy.

Sight seeing at I Love River.

Lastly we visited, I Love River for a while and sight seeing the night view. I love the lights playing around the wall. So bright, colorful, pretty and amazing. We're suppose to take short trip ferry that night but apparently no one want it and it started to rain when we're walking half way. 

p/s : Best part is always shopping. Totally forget to take picture of the place hahaha ☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.