Tuesday, February 24

CNY 2015

2015 Chinese New Year is the best one I've ever had!
This year I've decided to stay at KK alone to celebrate CNY 
Because I can visit lots of house! 
My parents & brother went back to Sandakan on 17th Feb & returned on 21st.
So I've been alone then on. I stayed at my friends house on the 17th &19th
At 18th I stayed at my grandma house.
We had a family dinner with gramps, uncle, auntie & cousin!

On the 19th Feb morning I went to Church! 1st Day of CNY!
It was my first time attending Mass during CNY.
It was so festive & fun.

With Cousin!

After Church I've visited Diana's bf house!
Just had a short visit & and chat with this Girl!

2nd house! I went to Mui Ling a.k.a ex colleague a.k.a business partner!

Here on-wards I joined my Church youth and 
visit all Church member that open house!

The best picture with all awesome people! We smile so brightly!

On the 20th it was after Church for Lenten Mass. 2nd day of CNY.
I decided to join one of my Church member since I have nothing to do & alone.
Since it is Lent we have to fast. 
We had a simple porridge as breakfast at Lynda's house
And visited few others church members house as well with KK youth!

21st Feb, CNY day 3!
Visited Melissa's house for homemade penang asam laksa & acai!
Everyone of us is bloated with lots of food & drinks!

22th Feb! CNY day 4. Visited one of my mom's dance group Aunties house!
Bloated with lots of yummy food!
Super tired with all late night sleep. 
Not to mention nearly got sick with the heatwave recently. 
It was scorching hot!

But nonetheless I have the best CNY ever!
Made lots of memorable memories with friends & family
More to come!

Cheers & God Bless.

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