Friday, May 10

ABC Pisang Hijau

Ok the post title may sound weird but yeah.
Pisang Hijau is basically thin green pancake wrap up with a slice of banana
Cut into pieces and serve with ABC!
This was located at Inanam, near the market, near Esso Station its a Malay stall.
Its only available on afternoon start from 12pm.

Ideal milk, sweetener creamer, syrup, shave ice, sagu, milo/nestum/other choices,
pisang hijau and their secret ingredient. LOL

I tried this when I was in high school, 
when I started took public bus back home with bunch of friends.
Great memories back then, hot summer with a cold ABC Pisang Hijau is awesome
Missing my high school so much. 
So many things has changed but memories still remain.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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