Friday, June 28

Arm / Hair Bandage

My mom so awesome. 
Cutting our costume again this time. 
Yup we're having another performance again this year but a simple one
Our dance group's anniversary performance.
So we sorta get into a DIY mood again. 
If you read my previous post we decorate our own costume for the big event costume-of-night
So I was like yay!! I'm just squat-ing beside and look at how my mom makes it (notreallytho:P)
So I was like oh I also want to make as well. LOL

I took the cut out sleeves and make my own DIY style. LOL

1. Just cut out the triangle shape and make it into rectangle.
2. Take the rectangle clothes and twist into your arm like headband

Looks perfectly on my skin LOL
Actually you can made it into head bandage as well, but I tied it up as arm bandage!
 Yeah I made it a little bit creative!
Cause I notice a lot of Zumba lover wore arm band.
Super useful especially for jogging and also for those Zumba lover 
You know!? Type of accessories that just be it anywhere and everywhere. haha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Tuesday, June 25

It's me VOOMEI ♥

Hi Everyone, hmm where should I start?? Maybe some introduction about myself, since I didn't introduce myself properly in this blog for those who don't know about me, kindly read this post. hahaha I'm born in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, known as Land Below The Wind, celebrate my casual birthday every year on the 17th of August, monkey year and a Leo (rawrrrrrrrrrr) 

I'm a cry baby when I was a kid and I have my first crush on primary school (LOL) which 80% totally look like GD ( Double LOLLLLL, that's why I never like GD at all, no offense :P) My puberty doesn't hit me correctly and I became a lot more lazier so I've started to have tuition for 11 years (primary til high school) AND become fatter. 

Class of 2009

High School BFF

Anyway 5 years of high school wasn't that bad. Had bunch of people that loves me from my primary school friend till now and new friends I've made since form 1 till now and new friend I've made in college till now. I had a great childhood and a teenager life. 

High School BFF

Oh I started blogging when I was form 5. And this is my first blog , I do update my old blog sometime especially when I have something to rant about or deep thoughts that I wanted to share out and is my current one where I blog about everything in general not much of ranting in this blog. 

Primary BFF

So eventually I went for Diploma in commerce after finished SPM. Studied at IS for 2 years & 4 months and finally graduate on time even tho I failed few subject. :P I've joined a lot of activities, have loads of fun while being a student again, but its completely a different level of student, a college student.

High School BFF

College BFF

See bunch of pretty girls in my blog. HAHAHA I still have tons of BFF but lots of them were apart from studies. I hardly social with guys cause they don't talk to me unless its about assignment or about studies. HAHA So after graduate I can't decide what I've wanted to study so I might as well work work work and work. Working sucks and money for the win. 

Hope you all enjoy the pretty ladies in this post. HAHA
Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, June 20

Lita Pumped Heels

I seriously have nothing to blog lately. 
So might show you girls my haul today. 

Scream girls sreammmmmm. LOL 
I finally own this Lita shoes after so many months of searching.
Finally found a website that sells this! 
I'm so fucking happy!
Since I'm so happy I might as well share to you girls the website

Basically I found the name of these shoes (my title of the blog) some where,
so I search up where to buy, and tada its on iOffer. LOL
I don't know if its worth but I just bought it since its made from China & cheaper,
not the real brand of Jeffrey Campbell (mad expensive if its original)
So yeah hope you girls had a great time shopping for this shoes! 

p/s: since its made in China/ship from China pls don't consider buying branded stuff from them,
even their clothes totally similar with taobao but much more expensive,
if you think its worth the buy then buy, if not don't even think about it unless you're overly rich. LOL
so shop wisely girls!! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, June 17

Taiwan Delicacies

Food picture all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Prepare a bucket and I'll make you drool man!! :P Picture of all the food we ate at Taiwan! The most a long waited post for ya'll!! Some we didn't manage to tried out cause too much hot food as in BBQ, fried food, so its kinda oily, on the 5th or 6th day we stop trying out their sausage especially, too much fats inside. Anyway I don't want to spoil the mood just chillax and enjoy the food picture! 


In Taiwan this is their must drink all time! Especially Papaya Milk Juice!

Pork sausage is mostly seen in any corner of Taiwan!

Too cute to eat! Came across some bakery shop nearby the night market! 
We did tried out their cream puff super good as well!

Tried out the fried seaweed! 
Freshly seaweed was deep fried with batter as well as the fish! 

Stinky Toufu! Didn't like it tho but my Aunt and mom enjoyed it. hahaha

This is love!! Stuffed prawn and vegetable! Super good! 
This one is at Jiu fen village!

Sausage AGAIN! Cause kinda cheap for such big one.
Its Taiwan $100 for 3 which means RM10 for 3 sausage!

Deep fried octopus tentacles! Didn't bought this cause high colestrol. LOL

Its a type of gluten + yam especially for dessert. 
Don't know what its called but picture bellow says it all.
It has different color and flavor. 
It can be white or green or colorful and still taste the same. HAHA

Yummy shells! Kinda expensive but worth to try if you're seafood lover!

Chewy oyster mushroom! The biggest mushroom I've ever seen! 
KK has this but not as fresh as this and its really HUGE! 

Cuttlefish ball, meatball, fish ball, pork ball. 
Really couldn't differentiate by looking but the taste does! haha

Another type of Stinky Toufu! And this is the worst ever in Jiu Fen! 
Taste like shit hahaha

Oyster with pork intestine Mee Suah
Love the mee suah cause it just slip through your throat! 
The broth is amazing as well!

Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang!
Means the white sausage which is rice was wrap with sausage!
This is the best and most delicious one cause the rice covers the saltiness of the sausage!
Really recommended for those who visited Taiwan.

Vegetarian steamboat! Most healthy dinner ever in Taiwan
That's the only plate of meat we got for this set and can you see the HUGE Cabbage???

Beef noodle! Super good, very different from KK one!
The broth is more light and fresh!

Sushi is the best in Taiwan cause its so good and cheap too!

Seafood noodle! Some where in the shopping mall. 
It cost around Rm15 but its so worth! Big portion and look at that amount of seafood. :O

Sizzling hot Pork and Fried Prawn Teppanyaki with black pepper sauce
I couldn't finish this at all. Super good for big eater and its delicious!
Definitely would went back to Taiwan and tried out other food as well.
We didn't manage to try out everything. 
Cause all the time we're already eating non-stop, unable to stuff ourselves with more food

Hope you enjoy the food picture!
Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Thursday, June 13

Getting Old

Lately I feel like I'm getting old now. I AM OLD even tho its only 21 years old. So I need to get some self pampered on skin care product. I don't know which one suit me the best cause I'm a lazy bum person. BUT as time goes by we age. We need to get some vitamin for our body and skin itself.

There might be some skin care that suit me, still finding one tho. Product like SK11, Olay, those were normally known on advertisement throughout the TV and Youtube. So I'm not going to try that. I want to try out something different like Laneige or Hada Labo which is under Mentholatum.

I tried out Dr. Young facial wash just so so, okay okay. But I really recommended Mentholatum facial wash! It really cleanse out all the oily face like me. I have a horrible oily skin that's why pimples pooping out REALLY FAST. 

Medicinal Acnes - Acne Whitening Cleanser. This is the one I'm using! I bought this at Taiwan which is so cheap and very good! This product is only available in Taiwan. So if you happen to be in Taiwan buy this! They have different kind of facial wash as well. They should sell this at Malaysia!!!! I don't know what to do if my facial wash finish grrrrrr hahahaha.

Lately I'm getting tired eyes. So it happen that I bought this Revitalizing Eye Roll - On at Watson. I don't know why I bought it cause I just wanted to. HAHA

I did compared this with Garnier Light Roll - On, I prefered Simple. Because Simple has vitamin and it cool down the tired eyes. Been using it twice a day for weeks now and it did good for me. It doesn't reduce fine line and whitening but it does help reducing tiredness and its refreshing. 

I think I'm gonna tried out Hada Labo moisturising lotion / cream / both. hahaha Even tho I have oily skin I still need moisturizer after facial wash. So gonna buy it when I'm shopping! Pampering my skin is pricey. :X Wallet hangus. #OHMYWALLET Do comment me some of the brand that is good as well! Love to hear some of the product that is not mention in this post! Thanks. ♥☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Tuesday, June 11

Bar Tzar Bistro & Bar

Its my first time enjoying this amazing view at the Waterfront KK. 
So near to Sutera Harbour.
Bar Tzar Bistro & Bar is basically located in front of the Warisan Square.

Such a breath taking view!
Basically we went there because we brought groupon for their food. 
This bistro were only specialize in selling their beer to local & foreigner.
So I was kinda disappointed with their food.

Tomato Soup. Its too sour, I still can accept the sourness but my friend didn't finish at all.

Salmon pizza! This was good.
 But the mixed seafood pizza was the worst (i didn't took pic of that)
The fish smells bad, its like keeping in the fridge for too long.

Oh I had spaghetti (totally forget the name).
 This one was good! Love the taste but too dry tho.
And lastly we had Nestle ice cream for dessert. 
You could tell the brand of the ice cream if you're ice cream lover :P
Anyway for overall its 3/5. Still acceptable, luckily its from groupon which is cheaper.
You can try out if you want. No harm trying right? ☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

Friday, June 7

Springy Spring

So apparently when we're in Taiwan it was spring! 
Always love spring but Autumn is on my Top list. HAHA
Anyway we enjoyed the scenery of Taiwan, so amazing cause they have loads of pretty flowers!
Colorful, different types of flowers blooming! 
Do enjoy the picture below! ☺

Yellow Bunga Raya!
Such rare color! 

Some sort of berries.

Amazing scenery! 

Sakura tree from Yang Ming San

♥ Forever Loved flowers! ♥
Hope you enjoy it! 

Cheers and God Bless