Monday, May 13

Taiwan Day 4

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For the first visit we went to a Pearl Shop, specialized in selling pearls. Not interested so we didn't bought and its freaking expensive. Then off to sight seeing, few temples again, not interested. We just took few picture out side the Temple.  

Its kinda hot during the fourth day cause our destination is located on the south Kao Shiung. Upper North side Taipei were cooler. After all those boring sight viewing we headed to Pink House for lunch. 

Not really a fan of pink stuff but I just wanna take some picture and show it to you all. ☺

After lunch, headed to a ferry port. We travel by small ferry to go across the side of the town. If we don't take ferry it would wasted us more than an hour for a detour to the side of the town. Enjoyed the amazing scenery.

Other side of the town.

Then shopping time at Xin Jie. Some where in Taiwan (Kao Shiung to be exact) hahaha. A lot of cheap clothes and dress, bought few stuff there. 2 hours of shopping then we're off to dinner!

We're having vegetarian steamboat. Can you see the HUGE CABBAGE on the side? I've already put half of the portion into the pot but there's still a lot left. We ate a lot of vegetables that night super healthy.

Sight seeing at I Love River.

Lastly we visited, I Love River for a while and sight seeing the night view. I love the lights playing around the wall. So bright, colorful, pretty and amazing. We're suppose to take short trip ferry that night but apparently no one want it and it started to rain when we're walking half way. 

p/s : Best part is always shopping. Totally forget to take picture of the place hahaha ☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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