Friday, March 9

041217 Animal Gangster

This was the most funniest and memorable day for us. Sam was driving by himself while I waited Nicole to pick me up & to pick up Nurool as well. We went to have a coffee at our favorite place with bunch of them. While were having our chill day and coffee we decided to do an animal costume photoshoot. We planned this long time ago but was never done till this late. In between a lot of things happened so Hyman ended up not joining because he merajuk with Sam at some point.

Anyway we ditched Hyman in the end because he was being indecisive and still merajuk at some point of level that he couldn't accept it. Nicole purposely drove from town to my house just to take my animal costume. That was one long drive, but we didn't rush and able to go for the photoshoot session at a good weather & scenery.

We went near to the beach where the sand dune was build up as high as a mountain naturally. A lot of cars drove pass & saw us up there wearing a funny outfit to take photo. It was kinda cold and windy but we were warm enough as well, with the thick costume.

We post crazily and laugh our ass out!

Afterwards we all had a decent photo without the costume, we were practically sweating somehow from all the exercise we did for the photoshoot. Nonetheless we had tons of fun that day, too bad to the one who missed out. Anyway we head back and prepare steamboat dinner. All of us are hungry couldn't wait to eat. We chat, laugh and talked tons. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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