Tuesday, February 25

Star Cruise Aquarius

 It was really an impromptu event and suggestion to go on Cruise. 
It was the first time ever to have Cruise ship stopped by KK 
So Diana and I decided to booked ticket on the same date as Carrie as well. 
We went to the Cruise on last year December.
It was so much fun with them. Really so much fun.
Lots of picture spamming below! 

We planned to go for swimming when we arrived at the Cruise but failed to do so.
By the time we arrived into the Cruise its already time for dinner.
We got ready and headed to dinner directly.

Of course after dinner we went outside by the pool and hangout
Which means more picture time.

After picture session time outdoor, the Cruise start headed to the middle of the sea
We went into the ballroom hall and watched the show, after that everyone headed to the Casino.

The night is still young, we had a karaoke session,
Diana and I were crazily enjoying ourselves.
Carrie was with his boyfriend, Edward at the Casino.

We changed into our comfy clothes and 
headed to our last round of yumcha session 
but more into luxury type of yumcha session.
We sat down at the lounge area and ordered champagne, 
while waiting for Carrie and Edward to join us.
We talked, lots of laugh and of course one shall not end any session without taking picture.

Cheers baby! *cling*

Drunk-ed face

We sat and enjoyed our night till they closed. I think that time round it was already 3am in the morning. It was fun and amazing. I was totally drunk with just 2 and a half glass of Champagne. I am still in a conscious mind its just that I can't walk properly. Perks of being bad in alcohol. 

It was really a crazy night because we totally forgot to close the door when we head back into our room. I went to the washroom in the middle of night, just to realized the door was opened. And luckily the toilet door was opened that time which covered everything from looking into the bedroom. Thank God nothing happen to us that night. It really was a memorable day for us in this trip. So much happenings in just 1 day. Can't wait to have our next trip together again! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Friday, February 14

Happy Valentine Days & Chap Goh Mei

I guess being in a relationship or not is just the same. They spend their day and night with their significant but I spend with my parents. Its just a really normal day for everyone who is single unless they think otherwise. For me, I somehow or usually would felt jealous with those who is in relationship. My nature. There's good and bad whether in a relationship or not. 

So everything depends on that person actually. I won't lecture all of you with all sort of guide being in a relationship or how to avoid being forever alone during these types of festive season. All I could say that whether I'm single or in a relationship I'm blessed no matter what. I'm spending my day with parents everyday makes me happier. 

On the other side note : I'm still single. My colleague received these beautiful roses from his boyfriend, so as a colleague I'm using this as a prop to prank people in facebook!! HAHAHA Sorry! :P

Anyway time flies way too fast. Even though today is Valentines Day it is also the last day of Chinese New Year. I want more holiday, feeling so stress right now. So much work to do lately. I just cannot wait to go for my vacation. I need at least 1 month of break. I miss being a student. Oh well money wins. LOL 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, February 13

JustBerry @ Suria Sabah

To tell you the truth, I've always wait for at least half a year to try out the food which is newly opened. It took me really a long time to try out when almost all of my friend tried it already long time ago. You just couldn't resist cold shave ice with vanilla ice cream in the hot scorching summer.

But this Durian shave ice is so different! I used to tasted overly preserved durian paste. This was totally different I could literally taste the rich creamy durian. It smells so pungent even the after taste repellent. It means good stuff! hahaha

For those who doesn't like Durian you may choose their mango. Creamy mango juice smothered on their shave ice with mini pearl and fresh mango and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. This mango was a little bit sour since it wasn't from the local one but the vanilla ice cream and shave ice balance it up the taste. It is so good! A little bit of sweetness and sourness taste. Craving for this again! 

Do visit when you have the chance to!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Tuesday, February 4

February 2014

Ohhhhh Hiiiiiiiiii Everyone! As you all know we just celebrated Lunar Chinese New Year on the 31st Jan & 1st of February. It was amazing! All the yummy food and snack all week long. I am sure everyone of us gained weight. Not to forget red packets from relatives and married friends!  

I went back to my Dad's hometown in Sandakan. It feels like I'm in a time zone difference. Or should I say, everything happened in a blink of eye. I couldn't catch up with the date and time, totally confused about it. But basically we did the same thing all over like previous years of CNY. Food I eatI made amazing Pan Mian Ever!, except that we didn't eat Tang Yuan this year :( You can read it on How to Make Glutinous Rice Balls on my last year's post!

It was really a casual and normal CNY for me. I didn't get to visit my church member's house during CNY. They are having so much fun except me. T__T Oh well I still get lotsa red packets from relatives :P 

So I'm back to normal working life and I seriously hate it. I must work even harder so that this current company doesn't want me to leave. LOL But when I found a better job I will not hesitate and leave. Overall it is still manageable and acceptable. All I need now is to travel non stop. Anyone wanna sponsor me? hahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.