Saturday, August 18

My thoughts

Yes every year people celebrate their birth day. It show's your age. The years you've live in this world. People like me or anyone else would celebrate with friends or family. I myself mostly spend my birthday with my family.

Even if I celebrate with my friends it would be just a simple outing day. Went out for lunch and shopping, chit chatting. That's usually for me. Other's would received surprise from others.

In my life I've only receive once surprised from my uncle. I went to KL for a vacation with grandma. My uncle purposely asked me to go downstairs to fill up the water bottle for grandma. He insisted me when he's going down to the kitchen. haha

So while I walked down the stairs and reached the kitchen my aunt and relatives surprise me with a Birthday cake. I'm stunted and it really touched my heart by the fact that they make just a simple surprise for me. I almost cried it out when they sang birthday song to me but I have to tahan lah. hahaha Since another relative was watching and staying with us too. That time it was my 18th birthday.

A simple surprise really can make a difference for anyone. After that surprise I've never receive a surprise anymore since I've always went out for dinner with family. I miss cake, candle, surprise and birthday songs.

How I wish I can have it every year so I won't make wishes on my bed while I'm praying.

Each and everyone has different wishes. Yes my wishes are typically different than others or maybe not. When I was young I thought that we would have 1 wishes but I've heard that we could make 3 wishes.

So I've been making 3 wishes every year. The most important wish will my 1st wishes. I've always think carefully what I've wish for because it somehow really came true.

I hope this year's 20th Birthday wishes will dream come true.

God Bless.

I'm Officially 20

Yes, yesterday was my Birthday. I live in this world for 20 years. More years to go before I'm dead. hahaha I took a day off just because I want to have a fun, relax and a happy Birthday. Why torturing myself working and doing work all day long!? So I've planned earlier with friends so we could hang out on my Birthday.
I went back to school, looking around and met up with a few friends.

We went to Suria. I don't know why this place became the most preferred place among others but I myself love this place because it's new and clean. haha

In the end we decided to go Sushi Tei for lunch. What not!? Enjoying good meal with friends. We talk, we laugh, we eat, we drink, we smile, we spray perfumes under the table, we watch short video(ewww) hahaha.
We have so much fun even though it's only just for a few hours together.

Last but not least it's a must to take picture in the toilet!! This is how girls do. Take picture in toilet, typical Malaysian. hahaha

I love this picture 

We also did some shopping, which all girls do. No one can resist sales during festive or holiday. Sales are everywhere. While continuing our shopping we would definitely buy drinks from Ochado.

I personally love their Roasted Milk Tea with Red Bean Azuki + pearls. Once a while having Ochado is the best. We went home early that day since it would be a massive traffic jam, that is what we assumed. But it turned out unexpected. The traffic flow is quite smooth since most of them went back to their perspective kampung to celebrate Hari Raya.

She's the one that brings me every where we go. Drove us back and forth to the destination.
Such a straight forward person yet a bad tempered person. Very clever person indeed. 
If you give her a bad impression she'll definitely hate you. hahaha
Nothing can stop her unless you have a good persuasive. 
I think I'm the only one that can handle and stand her temper. haha

She's the one that brings laughter the most because the way she talk.
She loves to have self shot no matter where, when and how!
A little mixture of childish, naive, and also a clever person but a little bit, no I think half of the
laziness is always there to accompany her. haha

This our last one shot perfect photo before Diana walk off from the car  

Friday, August 17

Leo Daily Horoscope, Friday, 17 August 2012

"The New Moon in your sign is best interpreted as a special celestial invitation. It is addressed to you personally. You can accept it on your own behalf, but you can’t really pass it on to anyone else. It is the cosmos saying, ‘Take a good look at your current situation. Ask yourself, what does this mean? And is there anything that I ought to be doing to make things better? Then recognise that you are doing all you can and are actually fully entitled to relax.’ That is the only message that you now need to take on board."

I decided to read my horoscope for today's date. Which was my birthday. I some how understand or neither understand it. 

Will be updating personal blog tomorrow about my birthday :D 
Have a good day. Cheers 

Thursday, August 16

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Saturday, August 11

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Monday, August 6

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