Monday, July 23

Wall's Fruttare

On a hot sunny day. What makes you think of it?? For others they may think of beaches, bikini bottom ladies, hot guys, and of course something ice cold, freezing to make us cool down.

There are a lot of cold icy food that cool me down. I personally like ABC, especially the fruit actually its a sea coconut. A very unique taste. 

But I discover a new flavor of ice-cream which was launched last 2 months ago. Can you even imagine fruits that you don't like or never taste before became the newest taste of  ice cream!?
Banana flavor

Sour sop 

Red grape and Lychee (Launched)
Wall's Fruttare is made from real fruit juice which has no artificial flavor and color. It tastes like fruity real imagine like you're eating the grape or lychee for real. Omnomnomnom. With these new flavor and fruity real it only consist of 70kcal for red grape and 60kcal for lychee. I could eat this both flavor without any hesitant or worried much on working out. Super happy :D You can buy this at any outlet which are available like 7eleven or any supermarket. 

Ohya almost forgot. Did you know that they have this contest going on. Where you snap picture at their booth section, post it and get lotsa likes you'll have the chance to WIN exclusive prices.

Everyone of you are welcome to join their contest which were all stated Here . Why not try it out and stand a chance to win great prices that you can't even imagine.

I can't wait for banana flavor to be launch. Looking forwards on how it would taste like. 
For my ending post I give you BANANA! <3

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