Thursday, July 25

Chocolate Factory - Dine.Sport.Lounge

Oh Please don't mind the freaking low quality picture! Cause my phone sucks! Anyway we went to Chocolate Factory's Restaurant located at 88 Kepayan for mommy's birthday dinner. Its my treat btw. I manage to buy coupon voucher from groupon, to tried it out. 

I think this restaurant just started their business not long ago. So a lot of their food varieties were not available especially their dessert section. NUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Anyway when the food arrived we already started eating the 1st 3 dishes. I totally forgot to take picture. Too hungry to resist btw. 

Smoked Duck Breast RM9.90
Ordered Smoked Salmon as well for RM9.90

Pollo Alla Cacciatora RM18.90 (Spaghetti with roasted whole chicken leg)
Ordered Salmon Pasta as well for RM19.90

BBQ Beef Steak RM29.90

Chicken Cordon Blue RM18.90
Ordered BTL Sandwich as well for RM10.90

As you can see we ordered 7 dishes for 4 person, 2 starter, 4 main, 1 side, the food portion is obviously at its medium/ small size. If it wasn't because of promotion I wouldn't have come to this restaurant to dine in. Anyway if there's another promotion, I would definitely be back! If the food are worth the price we wouldn't mind to pay more, but when its not worth the price maybe we'll be back again for their promotion offer. I'm cheapskate in terms of food and everything. LOL Don't mind it, human nature btw. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless