Tuesday, November 26

I-city Night life

Staying whole afternoon till night for all the visit from Snow Walk3D Art Trick and going to blog about the wax museum as well btw. The best part was the night view, it was actually LED lights. It was really gorgeous and pretty. Mesmerizing night.  

We rode sky walk to enjoy the view and LED lights more better.
And I freaked out caused it felt like it was going to collapse anytime
and I have phobia with height as well :X

It was really gorgeous and pretty feels like Christmas already! How I wish I was holding hand with my love ones under the bright lights (I feel so despo right now) Its really an amazing view and place to just enjoy looking at all the pretty lights around. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, November 20


Okay guys. Its really rare to post something alphabetic here instead of picture with post. I still hadn't had the time or mood to do a proper post. So I might as well just update a little bit of what I've been doing.

1st of all I'm participating caroling!!! Hurray!!! Its been awhile since I've join any church youth activity. I feel great and awesome actually. And the feeling was very different from previous years. Its been 6 years since the caroling had been stopped. 

You guys would be curious why we stopped caroling. Its because when we visit houses to houses we're suppose to sang Christmas song right? But actually we were not allowed to sang Christmas song, we should sang song that tells people Jesus is going to born on 25th Dec. That's how it supposed to be. So we stopped 6 years of caroling. This year the church decided to go for caroling, but of course no Christmas song by the way.

2nd, the feelings when I went to practice for the 1st time. It is so adorable and annoying as well. There are a lot of cute kids, they are so adorable and lovely. But kids will be forever kids so they were kinda annoying when the leader is trying to talk and some were talking. Very different from the time when I started caroling for the first time. Maybe because I'm adult now and I'm encountering kids, I have to be more cautious and show a better example to them. Being an adult wasn't that fun and easy.  

3rd, all the song are kinda high note for me. Church song is always high note. Gonna practice more hahaha I hope I can try to play and learn guitar! I want to learn!!! 

4th, so I'm adding another part of my 2013 memory. This year is the best year actually, despite decision making problem. I am so blessed and happy! 

Count down to less than 1 month till XMAS! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Tuesday, November 12

Snow Walk @ I-city Shah Alam


WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!Nahhh I wasn't talking about the snow walk. I was emphasizing the shoes. Sharon and I basically wore slippers INSIDE the snow walk. Thinking that it wasn't going to be as cold as it is. IT WAS AS COLD AS A REAL MEAT STORAGE. I was practically freezing to death.

We wore slippers and shorts inside so we run all the way nearly to the end so we could get out from the snow walk BUT we totally run into the WRONG DIRECTION, we have to run back from the end to the front. OUR LEG WERE NUMB. I'm death serious. Our legs were practically losing conscious or freeze or could even stop rotating the blood system wtf. 

At the exit, I was practically sitting down on the floor heating up both of my legs. I was in fear that the blood in my leg doesn't run through or could caused blood cot wtf. In the end we went out and rent a boots and went in back again. Finally can enjoy and took some picture but we came out A.S.A.P when we explored everything. 

I think they should just change their name from Snow Walk to Walk Till You Freeze LOLLLLL There is no snow at all only ICE, ICE cube, ICE on the floor, ICE on the wall, ICE EVERY WHERE! And it really smell like cold storage wtf. I'll call this human storage (sounds like dead ppl wtf)

It was still a nice experience. hahaha Remember guys! Never wear slippers even the staff didn't warned or didn't told you not to wear slippers. They were basically trying to trick you and let you feel the cold inside. Whether it is cold or not just wear shoes or rent pair of boot. It helps out a lot. hahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Tuesday, November 5

3D Art Trick @ I-City Shah Alam

Went to 3D art trick at I-city since we wanted to go there to take lotsa picture.
Just enjoy the picture below

I'm an angel ☺

I blend well in this picture if you guys didn't notice it lol

Overall it was quite fun lah. Its just that the walls and drawing are very dull and dirty.
They need to retouch the color to make it even brighter,
some I don't even bother to take picture.
Anyway it was open daily till 11pm. Entrance fee RM10 for a person. 
Do visit if you haven't.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Saturday, November 2

Churp Out 2013

Best year ever! I was lucky enough to attend this event organized by Churp2 team. It was my first event ever after being separated by the south sea china border LOL. When I found out that ChurpOut13 event is on the day I went to KL I am excited as hell. Super excited that Sharon and I changed our travel route. I'm the one that excited the most. 

On the day itself I was kinda upset cause we brought rain to KL. When we arrived at the venue it was pouring rain T___T It was still sunny when we check-in our nearby hotel but slowly the dark evil clouds were following us to the venue LOL.

Anyway we arrived at the venue and register ourselves at the booth and up up we go explore each booth. First booth we encounter was the Wow Photobooth. Took picture with some props.

Then we headed to comic blogger's booth! And I finally met Chee Ching in person! ☺ I'm a happy kid. I was so shy to call her name for a picture thanks to the guy next to her. :X 

In the middle of the mist I managed to take picture with Audrey & Timothy Both of them were known as Fatty & Shorty in their blog but in person they were not fat and short at all. hahaha I somehow felt regret of not taking picture with Cheesie. She was busy with customers. T___T I should have waiting a little bit longer. It was pouring rain really hard that time and we have to move to another booth. 

We even get to taste the first Kyochon which is fried chicken with something something (I lost my memory) See even Sharon is soaked up with rain. Then we headed to the last booth which was dart games, bowling pineapple and playing huge bubble! 

After paying bubble we headed to Setia City Mall for dinner and shopping session as well. We got few snacks on the event itself there's more actually but we finished it already. And we got ourselves a purika picture at the mall! KK totally doesn't even have purika anymore so we took the chance to play it. It was fun, tiring and cold that day! Best year and event ever!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless