Thursday, September 29

3rd Month in Geraldton

It took me long enough to visit the ST Xavier Francis Church in Geraldton. The main Catholic church in Geraldton. When I first arrived it was under renovation. The exterior of the building is gorgeous and beautiful but as I entered into the church everything feels a bit off. 

It looks so dark and the color inside was really off. Grey doesn't match with bright orange. I was just looking around the interior but I must say I can hardly feel anything mystical about the church. I just felt off and different. Maybe it is not the same way back home. But compared to any other I've visited few churches overseas it felt magical to me. 

Anyway had lunch beside the Church as there is a newly open restaurant. So we went there to try something new. Chip was the best meal of the day! hahahaha My burger was enormous but too bad the meat was tasteless. It was few weeks ago btw lol.

Now that I've been Geraldton for 3 months it felt like nothing. However, things happened a lot in between the period of time. I thought that I'm going to finish my Cert III earlier but it is so difficult to get it done when my supervisor is busy all the time. My unit gets harder when it reach the last two group especially the workplace assessment. Trying to do my best on theory assessment at home but as usual procrastinating at its finest! HAHA 

While I was doing my practical at my selected childcare centre for 2 months I've gotten their casual relief contract! I can work when they need a relieve staff! I really can't wait to get my Cert III faster so I can get more working hours from them! More working hours means more money, more money means I can pay my tuition fees and go travel FTS!

This year I've been to Japan and now I'm in Australia. To tell you the truth I'm so addicted to travel that I can't stop! I can't even save an amount of money for my future business plan. But already plan more travelling trip with different friends of mine. OH SHIT not to mention I'm going UK FOR 3 WEEKS! I'm currently saving up for my tuition fees and UK trip. I need approximately AUD7K, where the F* do I get all those money from? I just want to pray to God that I get more working hours at my childcare centre and the waitress job right now. Oh God Please! 

Cut my own bang and I regretted it after the second day. I am still in a love hate relationship with my bang right now. Sometimes it makes my face looks smaller sometimes it does the opposite. Acne even popped out on the 3rd day when I barely put my bang down. So I ended up pinned my hair as usual. The most horrifying that happened was my hair scalp is so dry my hair keep falling out more than I thought. Now I have a small patch of hairless spot. Luckily I can cover it up when I let my bang down. It is not that visible unless I show it to anyone anyway. Putting some medicine and moisturizer so it doesn't get too dry.  

Confessed to a guy that I loved for 4 years. Got an indirect rejection from it lol. Got over it faster than I thought. Then it comes to family problem. Now I hate people who loves alcohol and always on my guard on no matter what he does. It scares the heck outta me. I always thought that getting a white boyfriend and have a lovely marriage life is better than Asian people. In real life it sucks and they are all the same as Asian people, nothing different from it. Why bother anymore. I just hope that there are more gay guys so I can feast my eyes! HAHA JOKES!!

Till then
Cheers and God Bless!

Thursday, September 22

The Shoot 2016

The Geraldton Clay Target Club held their annual Crayfish shoot this year for few days. We went there on Saturday for the culcutter. Since my uncle was asked to help out for the event. It was my first time to witness such amazing competition. All the competitor were amazing! Good hand eye coordination during the shoot. Here's compilation photo on Saturday. 

We went there as well on Sunday to chill and commemorate the winners. It was the final shoot of the day we went there at the time for tea time. On our time to get some foodie and watched the last few shooters to compete. The award ceremony took around an hour and half, there were different categories from veteran to junior and 30 disk shoot to 100 disk shoot from each individual.

I was amazed to see how their time, effort and hobbies turn to something incredible. Their hand eye coordination are amazing, I don't think I could shoot like them. It takes them ages to train and join competition to improve themselves. 

Nevertheless I enjoy the event and got to see some eye catching good looking guys. So all win win situation for me. HAHA btw I need to get my ass off and do something instead of doing nothing at all. Having my school holiday for 3 weeks! Make use of my holiday for assignment and workplace assessment for time being. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Sunday, September 18

Eyeing a person who is younger

Yeah I confessed to a guy that I loved for 4 years. It was a real sad way to destroy our friendship. I was thrown into friend zone or maybe even lower than that. It hurts like crazy and it took me long enough to get over it. I was particularly went through it quickly than I thought. But I sometimes do missed him badly. It's part of unrequited side. 

I was determined to look for someone here in Aussie. It took me quite some time to find one because there is much more older guy than younger one. I went to one of the Gun Club yesterday and I spot one to my liking. Decent looking guy but much younger than I am. Both of us were definitely eyeing each other. As usual I was bad with guys, but I am quite fond of him. We did exchange few glances and he shyly walk towards us few time for the culcutter. 

He is quite tall for his age. I think that's how white people are. Tall and muscular at the age of 20 years. I cheered for him during his turn to compete. We both smile at each other, he is so cute and handsome for me. HAHA I just melted. So throughout the day my eyes are searching all over for him every where. It was like a hidden eye spot hide and seek.

I need a change. Instead of looking for someone to date and settle down early, I need a friend to hang out and talk with. I haven't had a good taste of men. Need to taste and experience some adventure with people who loves to have fun. I've been playing safe for quite awhile right now. Always on low self-confidence and avoid conversation with people. I need to step up the game. I wouldn't be able to meet more people with this level of attitude. 

Where the fuck is my Leo's confident????? I SAW AN ARTICLE FROM NASA SAYING ZODIAC SIGN CHANGED DATE. I'm still LEO btw AHAHAHAHA Anyway self confident is the key!

Till then,
Cheers and God Blessed.

Monday, September 12

What is marriage life?

Its been a busy day today. I finally felt so much better and not sick. Still have a mild flu and coughing tho. I went to creche today and take good care of children. One of the kid started his potty training right now. The grandmother told one of the lecturer that the kid need to be ask to go to toilet every 30 minutes so that he won't piss his pants off. So we took measure and ask the kid every 30 minutes but he wails and felt so uncomfortable. So as predicted he pissed his pants on the cushion. The lecturer and other classmate took care of it while I was busy cleaning and packing up all the toys. Creche today were busy as well and few other child care centre brought kids to the creche and make tons of mess today. It was hectic day I must say.

Went home as usual and saw Uncle's son car and knew that he brought the girls into the house. Went in and the air smells really bad. It smells like nail polish, I mean alcohol. Wine and hard alcohol is served. They had tons of laugh and chats as usual. I was just busy with my computers so I won't have to talk to them. I do need some time to get used to their conversation. I don't know what they are talking about. I joined in their conversation a bit later. Its not like I talk to them, mostly listening and answering few questions.

So they went off and I cleaned up the table. My uncle was drunk. Real drunk. My uncle start telling off my Aunt for being mean to him. LOL. They seems like arguing but in a soft voice. Cause I was there. It breaks my heart a little bit. It really breaks my heart. On the outside appearance it seems really lovely dovey but every couple will sure go through all good and bad times. So how do they make it works? That you have to really experience it through yourself. Those couple who go through all up and down together will always have each other but its hard to say. People change as time goes by. Deal with it and go through it. It's life.

I mean what is marriage life? What does it do? Can I eat it or drink it? It all depends on how you look at it. Different people have different ways and perspective. Think about it.

Till then
Cheers and God Bless.

Friday, September 9

Spring 2016

September 2016 this year marks the turning from winter to spring. I went to farm on Sunday afternoon. Along the way to the farm the scenery was amazing! Wild flowers are blooming, plantation farm was beautiful. 

It was sunny and beautiful day. The weather was nice and chill enough. Had picnic at the farm full of fly and bees. I kid you not. The fly was horrendous and very disturbing throughout the noon. Buzzing around non stop. As so on, I got sick because the season is changing. 

For now I'm feeling so much better after resting and not going to school. Took medicine and rest enough and lots of fluid to keep me energized. I'm in Aussie for 3 months right now. I lose some weight which is very good for me! Getting beautiful everyday except for my skin as the weather here is very dry. Need tons of moisturizer for my face. 

Yesterday 08/09 marks the best day for my girls! Diana finally tied knot after such long years of dating her boyfriend. It's a bittersweet moment for me because I'm sad for not being there and help her out but in the same time I've never felt so happy to celebrate such joyous day even tho I'm far from here.

Now that I'm feeling much better I'm gonna go back to where I'm suppose to do. Study and work. At first I thought that I would finish my study early for 1 or 2 weeks but doesn't look like it tho. The work placement assessment got me delayed for quite awhile. Childcare centre is busy with children each day I can barely do my workplace assessment at all. The supervisor doesn't have time to observe me at all. I have to go to the centre more often until my assignment is done.

Cousin's graduation is on next year July. I was planning to go since I was boasting everyone that I'm going to her graduation but it seems impossible! Do you know how much money I need for this trip? RM20K T.T OMG where do I get all these money? I'm currently working for my school fees but for UK trip is 100% impossible. I might just plan my trip to Perth city instead lol. Or just fly back to KK instead. I don't have to use so much money for that. Still planning tho so still to early say. HAHA

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.