Sunday, June 29

Mama's Nyonya Cuisine (Penang)

Lets talk about food!
I love food! 
Who doesn't love food? 

This was way back during my trip to Penang!
Thanks to the amazing driver who recommended this restaurant to us!
Upon arrival to the restaurant what we saw was that there were no customer at all.
We were like, "Is this the correct place?", "No one is dining."
As if we walk into the shop at the wrong hour. 
Actually all the table were booked, but they still let in customer to dine in.
Nonetheless we looked through the menu in confusion so we asked for recommendation.
Always ask for recommendation for their specialties. You might be surprise. 
Picture time! Its all the food we ordered.

Stirred fried pork with petai, it has some hint of dried salted fish. BEST!

Vinegar braised pork. 

Curry chicken

Fried tofu skin wrapped with minced pork!

The best asam curry fish

Stirred fried wild vegetable with egg

Stirred fried mix vegetable (not sure about the name but this is really good as well)

Otak otak

Almost finished!

Not to forget their dessert!
Pulut/ black rice dessert &
coconut melon with yam & tangyuan desserts

The filing inside the coconut melon desserts has yam & tangyuan inside!
Super delicious! Similar to Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Ball).
The tangyuan was without filling & not in round shape as you can see above. 
Even tho I cannot differentiate between authentic Nyonya Cuisine but
this one is the best meal in Penang I have to say.
I love all their food. I don't know how to describe the taste just go for it I'd say.
I miss Penang so much! Especially their food. 
Go check this place out. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

Friday, June 27

Not so vain picture

Do I look pretty?

I think I look pretty.

I am pretty!

Sorry guys, my inspiration just flied off from me. 
Procrastinate at its finest.
Being all moody and depressed.
Still can see my eye bag & pimples after 10000000000000x level of photoshop.
Photoshop win all liao. No. Eye bag & pimples win everything. 

You see something happened.
For you guys its an everyday drama,
but for me it destroy my life forever. 
When I say forever it means serious. 
Its going to change my life forever when it happen.
And its going to happen soon.
I'll get into details when I'm over it.
Its going to be extremely, ultimately awesome story to read.

I have a lot of thoughts running in my head,
but I decided to keep it for myself. 
Sometimes its better to keep everything just by ourselves 
even tho you knew you'd suffer. 

Maybe I should take more vain picture so my blog post won't be boring.
Not until you guys meet me in real life. 
I'd might scare you all off. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

Sunday, June 22

Couple Shoot : Garry & Sylvia

We are so blessed to have Garry & Sylvia with us. 
Actually I'm blessed to have my favorite job right now.
We are slowly expanding hopefully my career will become international recognized. 
Here's few of my favorite shot of Garry & Sylvia!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

Thursday, June 12

Penang Day 2 (Part 2) : 3D Art & Kek Lok Si

Here's Penang Day 1 & Penang Day 2 (Part 1) read if you haven't
Basically it was raining when we head down from Penang Hill.
So we ended up pushing downward our trip to Kek Lok Si in the end.
We actually wanted to go visit Kek Lok Si nearby which has a lot of shop & stall selling amazing food
Especially one particular shop that sells asam laksa, we missed out the best gourmet. :(

However we we were lucky enough to dine into the 
Famous Baba Nyonya cousine which is called Mama's Restaurant.
Will blog specifically for this restaurant!
After lunch we had a Tea time moment with the famous CM Lim Guan Eng!
Its really our privilege to met him. 

All picture was taken outside of the 3D art museum.

Compare to last year I went to 3D Art Trick at Shah Alam it was really different.
3D Art in Penang are mostly huge drawing in one room. 
Whereas in Shah Alam mostly small drawing 
Both places have their unique drawing & design. Some I liked some were not my favorite
Depended on your taste & preference. 

After tea time session with CM we headed to Kek Lok Si Temple for a short visit.
It was still slightly raining but we enjoyed the scenery outside.
Few of the Aunties went into the temple for prayers,
& those who obviously didn't went into the Temple are Christian (pointing at myself)
Don't get me wrong cause even if you're muslim or any other religion its ok to visit inside.
After that we headed to Prangin Mall again & 1st Avenue Mall, 
Wanted to walk more on 1st Avenue but because it was branded shop so 
Mom & Sharon was like lets go back to Prangin Mall. lol
That's how our 2nd day ended full of walking.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

Saturday, June 7

Off I'm flying!

I'm not sure if I had an amazing week or not but I know I made few progress in fitness. Been working out since I'm back from my Penang & Langkawi trip. Of course not that enthusiastic for everyday workout. I still have heaps of work to do. Finally renew my driving license which was awesome! I'm no longer P license. Renewed my passport as well! Super excited for this coming trip!


I'm going to head to Korea this time! I am super excited but I don't have high hopes of visiting lots of place since my grandma followed as well. Grandma doesn't walk too much lately so its kinda worried as well for her to walk whole day. 


Anyway the most exciting for me to visit Seoul, Korea is their delicacies. I'm obsessed with korean food right now. I wanted to try all their street food. That's why I've been dieting so hard right now so that I won't become a pig when I come back from the trip. lol Still possible of being a pig tho.

They say even tho Korean Restaurant in Malaysia are usually made by real korean but some of the ingredient are from the local so the taste doesn't really taste authentic as in Korea (mostly has Malaysian taste into it). So I'm really excited to taste their food. I've been drooling whole time looking at all Korean food at this time. I need to restraint a little bit. I'll be pig even before I'm going to Korea. hahaha

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

Wednesday, June 4

Penang Day 2 (Part 1) : Breakfast, Market & Penang Hill

On Penang Day 1 : Arrival  we went for stroll around Penang Town. 
On the second day we went visited more places since we have whole day.
We started off our day really early, so we could fully utilize our time. 

Off to breakfast at the famous mee rebus & hokkien mee.
Apparently in KK hokkien mee is really different than the Penang one.
In KK usually Hokkien Mee is stir fried thick noodle with black sauce with lots of pork lard
but in Penang Hokkien Mee is actually Prawn mee or Har Mee which we usually called.
So don't get confused when you all order hokkien mee in Penang but it came out prawn mee lol.

Some amazing antique architecture.

Then we head on to morning market,
But first let me take a selfie! hahaha

Fresh homemade Poh Piah skin. 
We bought lots of stuff in the market, mostly food btw and some shopping.

We went to Penang Hill after that.

Like Mother Like Daughter. :P

Penang Hill has amazing view, but the weather wasn't that good for long.
It started really foggy & soon it rain. 
When we head down the hill it rain heavily it practically flooded. 
Shoes were wet our body were really sticky & uncomfortable. 
Despite the bad weather we continued to explore the city. 
More on part 2 on our 2nd day in Penang. Stay tune.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.