Thursday, February 28

CNY Foodies

Foodies post here! As you all know. I went back to my hometown during CNY. Chinese New Year is all about good and delicious food. If you don't get fat during CNY there's something wrong with you. LOL. Apparently we arrived Sandakan during CNY Eve evening. I had to say long hour road journey was horrible. 

So we're so tired and exhausted. We didn't manage to take our CNY Eve dinner FOOD picture!!! NUUUUUUUUU!!! Hahaha Still managed to took few picture the next day. Let the picture do the talking! All is home cooked meal. *slurps* *drools*

CNY Day 1 : Dinner
All was left over food from the morning breakfast except some of them and the meat.

Dad was waiting for me to finished up taking photos hahaha. 

CNY Day 2 : Morning

Very the very hearty breakfast! 

Main course for breakfast. Pork knuckle! 

Its some sort of our tradition that we have to eat vegetable/ no meat on CNY Day one morning only. So all the left over food were brought up again for dinner but added more choices of meat tho. Its just morning that were all eating vegetarian.

On the CNY day 2 itself we brought up all the left over food from morning to dinner also. We can't eat up all the food in the morning since its just too much. I bet you'll think that we're weirdo eating such meal in morning. HAHA but we do eat like these in the morning for CNY ONLY! Special case for my family LOL

We won't be having lunch after breakfast till dinner. In the afternoon we would be enjoying some dessert (next post, more food post!) or having CNY snacks. Too much food to indulge. That's how basically we spend our CNY. Just a random and loving relationship with food. HAHAHA 

I still haven't finished up with food post yet. THERE'S MORE! Hahahaha Will be up on next post. :)

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Tuesday, February 26

Diana's 21th Birthday

Outdated blog post! But I still wanna post it cause... I just want too. LOL I was invited by the birthday girl like 3 or 4 days before her actual party. I was like WHAT?? Last minute preparation! I was thinking of what to buy for her. So stress ya know!? She own like everything I mean EVERYTHING! Hahaha 

So I decided to buy a box of accessories and some hair accessories together.
 And chip in with one of my friend. But now when I think of it maybe we should just give angpau (red packet) instead, cause she can use the money and buy stuff she likes. 

Ain't she pretty!? Yet older than me 1 year old.
 I look ugly and old beside her. tsk tsk tsk T.T I have a low self esteem. LOL

I don't know how we ended up being best friend. 
Seriously, I think its through one of my high school bff who is very sociable. 

After we became friends (both of them in the pic) we always hang out together after school 
and sometimes go to the nearest shopping mall for lunch or shopping. 
For healthy purpose we even went to jogging every Friday!

I'm the geek, Birthday girl is the popular and lazy, 
My driver is half geek, half popular & half lazy HAHAHA Sorry! :P

Its fun to hang out with them. 
We talk a lot, discuss a lot, gossip a lot most important is
we cherish our friendship <3

I look liked a pervert smelling her hair / wanted to kiss her pervertly WTF! HAHAHA

Even though we graduated and hardly hang out now 
but we still contact each other, chat a lot, 
try to squeeze in time if we could hang out.

Once again Happy 21th Birthday to You Diana!
You're turning 22 this year! 
Live Young and Wild.

Love you and Carrie! 
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, February 25

Hearty dinner

Food oh Food. No one can resist the temptation of a good food. Even home cooked meal is really good! Basically I've been craving for home cook Lamb Chop original recipe by my mom. Lamb were expensive these days. 

Prepared and cooked by mom.

Looks bland but very delicious! 

I'm a meat lover but I still control my food portion. We've been eating healthy food by reducing the amount of cooking oil and salt in stir fried food, or anything else that includes oil except for fried food. We still remain the basic needs of protein, fats and carbohydrates for our diet.

If you want to save money and have healthy lifestyle? Eat home cooked meal. Cheaper than outside food and lots more healthy since we can control the amount of MSG. Bored eating the same old home cooked meal? Look for recipes in cook book or from cooking channel.

Anyway eat more healthy food people! Take care of your health people! LOL

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Friday, February 22

Recap of CNY Week

Hi I'm back again! Chinese New Year week is just as boring as much! During the CNY week I went back to my dad's hometown in Sandakan (If you haven't read my previous blog post, here it is CNY Mood!) Every year and every time, when its the New Year of Chinese people our family would travel back to our hometown for a reunion every year. Cause we only get to met them once a year! Sad huh!? 

This time we traveled by car again (Air ticket to expensive during holiday). It means that my dad drove. My dad is an expert in driving sloppy road, slippery road, but its kinda scary and dangerous. My dad even drove up till 100km/h up to hills and all the way to Sandakan. WTF! The road to Sandakan is just as shit as it is. Its like never ending complete with the road construction. Forever bumping road on land travelling. 

On the way from Ranau to Sandakan we nearly die. Seriously no jokes here. Because its raining during our ride, all the rain water fill up all the holes on the road. You barely see any sign of it, its like a perfect land.  The way my dad avoid the bumpy road was just extremely incredibly amazingly dangerous!!! Its like turning 90 degree to the right and another 90 degree to the left just to avoid the bumpy road. Mom and I had a mini heart attack moment. As if we're really going to crush downhill. 

Anyway we survive!! (If not I won't be blogging now! *Choi* *Palis Palis*) I can't sleep at all during the travelling. Its just too dangerous to sleep. LOL But I really thank God for All His Mighty! We arrived safely to Sandakan!

And the journey of Food begins when we stepped into Sandakan. HAHAHA Will be blogging lots of food post soon after I edit all my photos. Soon to be seen! 

Just in case if you don't know where is Sandakan. Here's the picture for you to imagine. hahaha
(Disclaimer : Pic below belongs to their respective owner. Its only for an illustration, for those who never visit Sandakan. KThxBye.)

Can you see the map!? If you can't please enlarge it for more clearer visual. Basically we travel by land from the left (Kota Kinabalu) to the right (Sandakan)

A very beautiful city right!? Lots of nature surrounding the place as well a lot of PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) hahaha. Still very disappointed with the amount of immigrants entering our State without any restriction control.

Anyway we ended up returning to KK on the 4th day of CNY which was on Wednesday (supposed to be back on Thursday). We're too bored. Even tho we're excited on the first day. LOL I just want to go back and catch up with baby cousin, Coulson! Big boy! I'm missing him already! :O

Overall I'm having lotsa fun getting angpau (red packets). All the money were given to my mom since we're going for travelling. So we didn't save money from the angpau we got. Sad ass man. But I'm excited for the travelling too!

Will be updating another blog post soon, full of food entries! Next time when you're reading my food post remember to get ready a bucket, so ur saliva won't drip on the table! hahahaha

Cheers and God Bless!

Friday, February 8

Chinese New Year Mood

Hello everyone! Ni hao! Ohaiyo! Annyong Haseyo! Been neglecting my blog for awhile now! I have nothing to blog lately. Again lazy and busy at work! Basically tomorrow is CNY Eve, today everyone seems to be having their holiday, ready to go back to their hometown and also do a last minute shopping spree!

I didn't manage to buy clothes for CNY at all no not even one. Seriously! I bought a green dress and a blue chiffon shirt on my last years Christmas. I've worn the green dress so I kept the blue shirt for CNY. Yeah I know blue doesn't even match for CNY celebration. But I have no time for shopping at all. I'm just a sad ass now. 

I think I'll be wearing back old dresses that suits the feel for CNY celebration. I won't be celebrating CNY in KK. Will be going back to Sandakan so nobody knows I've worn the dress before. hahaha So yeah.

Anyway every time New Year or CNY is here everyone was expecting increase of salary and also bonus. Since I just started working in a new company for last 4 months I thought that I would be receiving bonus as well. Apparently I don't. To receive a bonus I should at least work for the company for at least a year.

So I've been expecting a lot this year but it turn out to be a disappointment. Kinda sad tho. But at least we received an angpau (red packet). Its better than none. Oh well life goes on. Need to work hard!

Hope everyone had a blast on CNY Celebration! Won't be updating so frequently as I'm enjoying the holiday mood, getting all fatten up by delicious food and a family reunion!

Lastly I wanna wish you all Happy Chinese New Year 2013! 

Drive safely &
God Bless Everyone!

Sunday, February 3

Gangnam Style

I know I know. The title itself its a bit like, 'What!? Still Gangnam Style?? I hate the song already!' True everyone hates the song already (maybe no). Okay I hate it already. The voice, the rhythm & beat, the video, the dance. FED UP WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT GANGNAM STYLE!! (Vomit blood if I heard it again) 

The song went so viral everyone is doing the same thing every time, and everywhere!! I think Psy itself also gets fed up before we're getting sick of it. 

Did you all know that Psy is going to be in Malaysia on 11th Feb 2013, Penang, to perform for CNY celebration? And guess who invited them!? The one that has money from tax payers, the one that control the country with our money. The BN / government. 

Technologies is just so amazing! With one post or any news which posted, the whole nation knows it. Just go and look into this blog It stated that, asking Psy to perform a song for that day cost them RM 2 MILLION! A SONG! A SONG FOR RM 2 MILLION!!!

Why don't you give that money to Sabah and Sarawak! Or used the money in a good way instead of spending money on celebrities so that we can vote for BN? Tacky trick but we ain't fall for it!

Seriously the more they did to attract voters to vote for them, the more we couldn't accept the way they were. They have been postponing the voting till now, even more and more people won't vote for them (I guess). As time goes by everyone knows all your flawless your stupidity action & speech & some times it doesn't even makes sense. 

You can never please the society, never. As for Malaysia, price for living expenses has been increased again.  I thought the economy is doing good!? Oh nevermind! The more I talk about my country the more I'm pissed off! Just don't wanna spoil your mood! Sorry if I sound rude! 

Enjoy the Jayesslee Cover! 
Best cover ever!

I pray that our country will be in peace!
God Bless everyone!

Friday, February 1

New Background

New Year, New Resolution and New Background for my Twitter! hahaha
I got bored on my nature background for twitter.
I had my previous background since 3 years ago when I just started having twitter account.

No I'm not putting moustache as my twitter background.
It's weird and too bright in color as in white background. LOL
Just to tell you'll each of the picture there're MOUSTACHE print all over! haha

It's private so back out people and don't ask whats the hidden tweet. haha :P

Now I'm looking for something cool and simple. So I tried out strips, Similar to America flag but not so good for my eyes still too bright. -.- Yeah still too bright. I can't stand the brightnes of the background. I got so headache and my eyes gets tired & worn out for looking at the screen too long.

The strips ones and this stars one were actually similar. So ended up I choosing this! Blue!! Soothing and not so torture eyes. I still kept my style there by not changing the cover. I somehow really like nature green.

Even it doesn't match my new current background I still wanna kept my fav ones. Teehee! I actually took the picture at my trip at Kuching you can view my post Day 1 , Day 2 & Last Day if your keen to look into it. haha :D 

Feel free to comment! 

Cheers and God Bless!