Wednesday, February 24

Productive Day

Sometimes I wonder if my customer is always right or $$$ for the win? Before CNY we got a message from our existing client. It was so suddenly for us as the next 3 days I'm heading back to Sandakan for a week. Even if we did the shooting I wasn't able to polish any picture. So we get back from CNY mood & did a shooting session on Monday.

The night before shooting I was at a church event as well. I am the photographer for the night as usual. Supper session after the event ended & went home around 11.30pm. Woke up at 5.30am to get ready for shooting session. It was tiring as hell. 

Supposed to start at 9am but shooting session began from 10am to 4pm. Setting up & make up takes longer time. Not punctual to time, took longer than usual. Had a little short break in the middle to replenish energy. 

Headed to gym directly after shooting session. I couldn't do as much, I was only stretching & did some tabata & boxing. I was so tired & my back was aching so badly. Especially boxing non stop for 30 min was a terrible idea. I felt great punching tho. HAHA My arm hurts badly.

Head back to apartment & took a short nap, since we were exhausting & tired from running around all day. Getting ready for dinner at Hardrock. I wasn't that happy cause the others didn't join us for dinner. Missing some fun & action from them.

Head back to apartment, took some selfies but only last for few minutes. Too tired to have more fun. Indeed a productive day. Woke up early as usual the next day & head back home. We had fun but we spend quite amount of $$$ that night as well. Its expensive to have fun I must say. I need to save a bit since I'm going to Japan on April! I am so excited! 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

Wednesday, February 17

CNY 2016

As Chinese New Year is approaching there will be lots of event & celebration. Its gonna be eating all the way down. I have already made prior booking on myself. HAHA Two weeks before CNY I've been getting invitation for birthday party, pre new year dinner & lots of eating session. I might as well just open a restaurant so I'm not the one that gets fat -.- 

Henry's 21st Birthday! It was a concert party!

Wan Wan 21st Birthday Party! 

Uncle's Garry Recipe! 

Father Paul's Birthday Dinner!

I went back to Sandakan this year with my family. As you guys know I was sick so my parents were worried about me being alone in KK during CNY. So I went back with hesitant. HAHA Its all because I don't want to get fat during CNY. Sandakan was always known for amazing food. Although most shop were closed during CNY but luckily we were early 2 days. Managed to get some foodies!

As we arrived Sandakan on Saturday afternoon we manage to get some food at Pasar Kim Fung. I was so happy so see lots of stall still opens. Usually we went back Sandakan at the wrong timing, all shops & market were closed. Water chestnut, black sesame, taufufa & assorted fried savory dishes & pancakes! Delicious!

I just love Yee Sang!

Dad suggested my bro & I pay for the dinner when we were in Sandakan as appreciation to my uncles & aunties. So I called & discuss with my Aunt on the restaurant & food we were gonna book. The food were delicious & beyond expectation. I always proclaim myself a food blogger or foodies person but I somehow just get rid of it. I got so focus on eating I didn't manage to take the rest of the food we ordered.

Waking up to this view every day! Surrounded by trees & fresh air.

Short visit at English Tea House.

Usually in KK fried dumpling were sold at night but in Sandakan they started at 11am in the morning until night. Its good for me to get my craving fixed, filled with good amount of juicy meat with the price of 80sen each which is expensive. 

At night we feast! It was on the Sunday night to celebrate the coming of Chinese New Year! My family kept the tradition for making at least 8 to 10 dishes for CNY. It is to say it brings fortune & all the dishes are somehow have few meanings to it. 

We had vegetarian breakfast in the morning of 1st CNY & tang yuen for lunch! You guys can read my post of how to make glutinous rice balls! HERE!

ITS A PASSION FRUIT! I love this fruit! At first I thought that my aunt bought a ready made concentrated juice from supermarket. But when I heard it was fresh from our backyard I just had to go look for it. Passion fruit doesn't grow on trees btw.

Found this 10% melted Gameboy in the drawer! Such gem! 

Teaches my mom how to pose the right way & she look tall & slim. Posing right do the right trick! HAHA My mom was really happy about it! Praising me HAHA I have been eating from the 1st of Feb until the day I'm back in KK. I basically gained 2kg. I have been avoiding snacks as much as possible. Everyone gained weight, its a happiness so I won't feel guilty for being fat alone. We were spending our days & night eating, sleep & repeat the same thing for the whole week in Sandakan. I have been relaxing my mind & body, so its all good! Taking my time to heal properly. Its been good!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

Saturday, February 13

Right Time Right People

After I was writing a new blog post I'M NOT MOVING ON few minutes later, I encountered such a best feeling ever. I have never felt so motivated & blessed before. As I was feeling frustrated & dejected an opportunity came in with a blink of an eye. With this opportunity I immediately felt so blessed & tears of joy just went down. 

I am glad that I chatted with one of my friend who is still in Aussie. She was incredible & it motivates me to live my life to the fullest. 'Live my life to the fullest' was part of my goals after my high school life. I've been living in a frustration for so long, for almost 6 years of not knowing where my goals were. 

I really Thank God for making this opportunity here. I am going to grab this opportunities & live my life. I was so into money & future ahead I'm losing faith & stressing myself so badly. I have no idea of what my future hold, yet I already started to struggling at such young age. People around me started to settle down, having a stable job, own their own property & money. I was one of them. But I was so worried all about this I forget the life I always wanted to live for. 

I wanted to live in a stress free life, a small job where I can have food on my table, a small & warm shelter, a little saving for some entertainment or emergency. That's all I was hoping for. I wont go for any high expectation or being in a luxurious life. Carefree life is all I yearn for all along. Learning new things, experience something I have never tried & most important to discover my inner self & purpose of life. I will be living my life in a better way now. 

Thank you God, I know You have been leading the way that I've always wanted. Thank You!

Cheers & God Bless

I'm not moving on

1. Quit my stressful job
2. Finally can get into IELTS
3. I'm healthy
4. Financially still OK
5. Getting ready for Japan in April
6. Considering Medical course

Everything goes on according to the plan  I've always wanted to. But I'm in dread. I'm not mentally moving on. I am so tired that it affects me physically. During the period of Dec'15 - Jan'16, I struggle the worst time of myself. My mind was in a mess & refusal state where it made me so stress out. At that time, I even consumed herbalife formula 1 protein which increase anxiety in myself. I was basically so weak to eat, to walk & my body health is declining so badly I've admitted to emergency hospital. Experienced the worst palpitation & I couldn't breath properly. Its a contagious disease for my family as well. All the bad things happened to all my family. Dad, Mom, Bro & Me encounter such worst health all together in Goat year. 

As the Monkey year approaching things turn off a new leave. I'm not saying I'm into fengshui. Its a saying that bad things were over when new year is here. As new year its a auspicious new beginning for our life to be even better. I still have a lot of things going on in my mind. I'm making a big decision out of my life. I'm deciding whether to get into medical studies or get IELTS to apply for work holiday visa. This is my biggest decision. Medical studies can make sure I'm able to get through migration as skilled workers, but I might need 3 years diploma to stress out more. As for IELTS work holiday visa were just a temporary escape for me to earn more $$ for travelling, but chances of getting it are even lower than 50%

My friends always said that I over think such small matters. I guess its so true that I'm over stressing. I wish I'm a carefree person that can decide anything without any worries in my life. I have too high expectation for the things I've wanted but so scared that I'm unable to do it. Story of my life. I always felt like I don't have time, not enough time, why is everyday moving so fast. Everyone says you are still young & you can do things you like, but as the time moving on without looking back things get serious. Old age, old body but at heart we are still a kid. We need time, even when it waits no one. I still need time to heal my health & trauma.

I just wish I made a right decision with a carefree mind with God's guidance.  Keep calm & Pray!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.