Thursday, April 25

Taiwan Day 2

If you haven't read my previous post here it is :D

2nd day, We had our major time zone problem, we woke up at 4 a.m. in the morning thinking it was 7 a.m. Actually I look at the watch in the wrong way HAHA. So we continue to sleep and got ready at 6 a.m. 

View from the hotel's restaurant. Misty morning while having our breakfast. Breakfast was okay its just that we're not use to eating way too early. Having our one hour journey to the next destination YehLiu Geopark.

Look at the amount of people that day. Mad packed with China people, even on Monday, maybe cause they're having holiday as well!? Disgusting and rude people all over. Cut ques no matter where we are, especially toilet. 

One and only blurred out group pictureeeee :D

On the way to see the stone. LOL See so many peopleeeeeeee

Auntie, Me & Mom

Toooooo mannny peopleeeee

Daddy & Mommy :3

Saw the people there?? Tiny little people but A LOT OF THEM! 

Instead taking picture with the stone I rather took a self shot picture. HAHA

Last Picture of the Stone. lol

Me, Mom, Bro
Yup we're one big fat family. HAHA

Then we headed to Jiu Fen, is a mountain area. We had a short transfer between the public transportation, cause tour bus is not allow to go up to the mountain. So we're having our lunch there, had a walk and tried out their food. We just tried out food, some of their stuff they're selling were quite expensive so we didn't bought much. 

View from Jiu Fen.

Flowersssss So pretty yet smelly, not the real sakura by the way.
 It was taken at the resting station while we're heading to Rainbow village. 

Yup this is Rainbow Village. Its an old man painted the house colorful. After a short sight viewing of his house/ small village, we headed to Feng Jia Ye Shi ( Feng Jia Night Market) We're having our dinner nearby and then off to shopping!! Shopping is the most important things to do at night market. It was a rainy night so we didn't manage to shop properly and headed back to hotel earlier but at least I bought some stuff.  ☺☺☺ 

Till then,
Cheer and God Bless.

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