Tuesday, April 30

Colleague's Wedding

My first wedding invitation under my name!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I know I know lots of you received a wedding card under your name. It may sound stupid but I'm so happy cause its under my name for the first time. :P This year which was on 28th April 2013 it was my colleague's wedding day! 

I've attended her wedding ceremony last week. A Malay wedding. ☺  Her theme was purple! Which I did not follow anyway. 

They rented a small hall and decorated the stage prettily with purple and pink color. Very pretty ♥ We're having lunch there and waited for the Groom and Bride to arrived. Malay wedding is very different from Chinese. 

Malay one were more simple, morning to evening event, buffet and self service. Whereas Chinese  ones were tons of rules to follow, morning till night, church/ temple? , dinner would be in restaurant (non self service). I'm not really sure about it? hahaha cause I'm not married yet, so if there's mistake please correct me.

After the Groom and Bride finally arrived and awaits for the prayers & speech to be finished, I took photo with them ☺ ( Okay the groom didn't look into my camera at all. -.- ) Anyway we went home after taking picture with them. ☺ A very simple wedding.

Congratulation to the beautiful couple! May the years ahead filled with lasting joy! ♥♥♥

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, April 29

Taiwan Day 3

If you haven't read my previous post! 

As usual we woke up early at 6 a.m. getting ready early for breakfast and started our journey on 8 a.m. It was basically a long journey, 3 hours of road trip to Hakka Village a.k.a Meinung Folk Village. 

Yup 3 hours sitting in the bus (flat ass terus -.- ), so upon arrival its already around 11 a.m. plus. We stroll around the village and enjoyed our hakka lunch there. 

We took a lot of picture in this small village, amazing place, lots of greenery and flowers ♥ ☺

View from the restaurant. 

View from the restaurant.

I look weird and fake here. ahaha

If you happen to be visiting Meinung Folk Village a.k.a Hakka Village try out their Lei Cha (similar to green tea) its good stuff! haha After lunch and a short rest at Hakka Village we went to E-DA Theme Park.

This is the smallest Theme Park I've went to. =.= 

Hi I'm at Santorini! 

View up from the Ferris wheel! Super cloudy day and the worst theme park I've ever been. They squeeze all the game into indoor section, extreme one were outdoor.The best game I had was the indoor's bumper car. LOL. So you might wanna think twice if you wanna go to this theme park or be prepared by not being too excited, cause you might be disappointed. 

Caused E-DA Theme Park closed at 5pm, did you hear me?? 5PM CLOSED! (Except for the shopping mall besides it) Then we headed to Liu He Night Market earlier. We're having our dinner at there. A lot off good food as well. 

Luckily we went there earlier at 6pm, caused it got so packed up by the time 7pm. Its all packed with tourist not local people! Tourist bus kept on coming and coming and coming. hahaha Hence we're back to our hotel earlier and bloated with good & oily food. ☺☺☺

p/s : Taiwan food post will be the last to post! Not gonna put it into Taiwan Day 1-7! So hope you'll anticipating the food post soon. HAHAHA :P

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, April 25

Taiwan Day 2

If you haven't read my previous post here it is :D

2nd day, We had our major time zone problem, we woke up at 4 a.m. in the morning thinking it was 7 a.m. Actually I look at the watch in the wrong way HAHA. So we continue to sleep and got ready at 6 a.m. 

View from the hotel's restaurant. Misty morning while having our breakfast. Breakfast was okay its just that we're not use to eating way too early. Having our one hour journey to the next destination YehLiu Geopark.

Look at the amount of people that day. Mad packed with China people, even on Monday, maybe cause they're having holiday as well!? Disgusting and rude people all over. Cut ques no matter where we are, especially toilet. 

One and only blurred out group pictureeeee :D

On the way to see the stone. LOL See so many peopleeeeeeee

Auntie, Me & Mom

Toooooo mannny peopleeeee

Daddy & Mommy :3

Saw the people there?? Tiny little people but A LOT OF THEM! 

Instead taking picture with the stone I rather took a self shot picture. HAHA

Last Picture of the Stone. lol

Me, Mom, Bro
Yup we're one big fat family. HAHA

Then we headed to Jiu Fen, is a mountain area. We had a short transfer between the public transportation, cause tour bus is not allow to go up to the mountain. So we're having our lunch there, had a walk and tried out their food. We just tried out food, some of their stuff they're selling were quite expensive so we didn't bought much. 

View from Jiu Fen.

Flowersssss So pretty yet smelly, not the real sakura by the way.
 It was taken at the resting station while we're heading to Rainbow village. 

Yup this is Rainbow Village. Its an old man painted the house colorful. After a short sight viewing of his house/ small village, we headed to Feng Jia Ye Shi ( Feng Jia Night Market) We're having our dinner nearby and then off to shopping!! Shopping is the most important things to do at night market. It was a rainy night so we didn't manage to shop properly and headed back to hotel earlier but at least I bought some stuff.  ☺☺☺ 

Till then,
Cheer and God Bless.

Tuesday, April 23

Pastel Color & Happenings

Lately I've been posting a lot of opinion and things around. Maybe I should do that frequently! People tend to read my blogs because of these reason. So yeah back on track on blog again, gonna blog about things around me, happenings and stuff. I don't do advert anymore cause it just sucks, BUT if there's any business inquiry don't hesitate to contact me. LOL naoki_ying92@hotmail.com TQ! 

Pastel color still in the mood. Spring hasn't been outdated yet! So lately I've been attending dinner for free, so I might as well get back on dressing prettily, highly, and elegantly. I bought a lot of dress before my trip so I had the chance to wear it. Like finally. If I don't wear it I don't know when will I have the chance to. 

Anyway because there's dinner, I did some pastel color nails. I used light pastel peach pink, and light pastel green. At first I thought it would be weird. Seriously weird / odd, but it ended up a good match!

TADAAAA!!! NICE OR NOT?? (Don't mind my lack of skill in manicure ) Nice right! Been so addictive to pastel green lately that I just bought.

Also bought few things last week cause finally I get the chance to go shopping with my bff. YAY to me! Bought shorts, t-shirt and skirt in less than RM100! So mad cheap. I don't think its on sales right now but I still manage to find some cheap stuff. hehe

I also did attend the Food Fest Expo at the mall (since we're shopping at the same place). Kinda disappointed with this years event, very disappointing. Cause only a few stalls which is less than 15 stall. Last year's were bigger and a lot of food supplier attend and promote their delicacies (maybe because its in a shopping mall instead of trade centre)

Oh not to forget to mention that, there's International Understanding Day at the mall as well. So much of event going around in the same time. HAHA Its basically an event by Interact Club for secondary school. Each school represent each country, this year ALL SAINTS was Tahiti. I've never heard of it but sounds like Hawaii¿¿ Overall performance, their stall, their dance, their decoration, my ex-school got 2nd place among the others school. :D

Looking at them makes me feel like I'm so old. Seriously, I just went there or pass by their stall, all of them look so young! T.T And somehow these generation is shrinking, SO SHORT! So small and petite, even guys as well. Whats wrong with these kids nowadays¿¿ Seems like having eating disorder or puberty problem¿¿ hahaha Anyway I had fun ☺

Till then,
Cheer and God Bless.

Thursday, April 18

Taiwan Day 1

Finally I have the time to blog about my trip to Taiwan! The day before vacation I blog about some tips on Things You Should & Shouldn't Bring during your vacation. You'll can take a look :D So basically I'm so excited about this trip! I've been waiting for years. Now my dreams come true. LOL 

So we basically fly off on Saturday evening, our flight was on 5.40pm and we arrived at the airport around 3.40pm, we're still early tho even we're the last one to arrive. LOL

This time we took MAS, comfy place and there's MP3 as well which sucks big time. Anyway its been ages since I've fly with MAS, when Airasia started we stop buying ticket from MAS. :(

The new renovated airport is HUGE!! and empty and boring except that there's starbucks & elevator to play with. LOL We went on board on time, no delay, amazing scenery in the airplane especially the sunset! Breathtaking view! Its a 3 hour flight. 

Most anticipating of the year >>>> Meals on board. LOL After I heard that we're flying with MAS, I'm so happy cause we get food. ITS SO GOOD! I miss it already. *drools* I asked for sweet & sour fish noodle! Oh and they forget to serve us bread. Personally waited for the bread so I can take picture. My mom and aunt didn't get the bread at all. POOR SERVICE! 

Upon arrival at International TaoYuan Airport guess who I saw on Immigration??? I saw CHRISTOPHER LEE!!!! DAFUQQQQ!!! He even smile back at us!! :D *melts* ♥♥♥ My first ever starstruck experienced!!! (His wife is not with him, maybe go to Taiwan for work) 

Don't let the movie/ drama deceived by his appearance! In person he look SO MUCH YOUNGER than in the drama and VERY TALL as well!  At luggage point we're basically standing next to each other! I'm so shy to take picture with him. Now thinking back I felt so stupid and regret much of not taking picture with him! KILL ME LOL. 

Back on the trip's topic, we travel approximately 1 hours of road trip from airport to our hotel. Near by our hotel there's a night market, so we basically went there after the tour guide told us about the way to the market. This market is typically small not the major one. So we tried out the food there.

BBQ Sausage & Pork, Squid, and loads more!

Juice corner, Taiwan is famous for their juice beside than Bubble Ice Tea

Pan Fried oyster omelet 

Kids and adult as well play fish catching! Looks so fun and it reminds me of Japanese people * read a lot of manga before so don't judge me :P * There's a lot of youngster walking in the night market, enjoying food and some entertainment there. Its quite fun. First night was fun, cause we're very energetic and amazed by the people around there. We went back to our hotel around 12pm midnight getting our rest and end our amazing night! 

P/S : This is just the 1st day trip so please anticipated for more since we went for 8 days trip. :)

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.