Sunday, January 26

JumpStart 2014

It was a meaningful day for me to get a start. I've participate something different from what I've been doing previously. I'm making a Jump Start. I think God has spoken to me, helping me to guide through what I've wanted be and to do. It was the day after Christmas Day, on Youth Christmas Celebration in Sacred Heart Church. It was the starting for me, it was the day I'm going to take a leap step and head forward. I heard the stories from one of our brother in Christ about Jump Start 1.5 day courses. 

When I heard about it I'm hooked up. I wanted to know what is my passion, what is the one I'm going to do in the future, what is the perfect vocational or job that suit me the best. Because I'm still young and I know that I still have a lot of time and effort to make it success. I wanted to start doing things I love and I'm passionate about. I want to venture all the things I've never thought about it. 

So I finally make some time for JumpStart programme. Getting help from few brothers and sister in Christ in terms of transportation and took leave from work to attend this talk session. Squeezing some time for it, and yeah I finally made it to the point.

To tell you the truth I've already started the path of my passion long time ago. Its just that I didn't realize the fact that I'm already doing it. I'm afraid to take a step ahead. I'm constantly pausing in the same pace for a long time. I refused to make a move because I'm staying in my comfort zone. With Jump Start session it motivates me to look forward, to move forward because action speaks louder than words. I may face difficulties during this journey but I believe with the guidance from God, I believe I can go through all of it.

This is why I wanted to share to everyone of you! Who is clueless in your life, hate your job, doesn't want to move forward and etc. This JumpStart programme not only lead to your passion but also to motivate you and let you understand about your focus, talent & abilities, motivational environment, direction and your plan.

This is a great programme that will help you to unpack your desires, your true goals in life and guide you to plan towards them. You will also discover more of your strengths, values and what excites you. JUMPSTART will engage you to recognize your greater potential.

What to EXPECT?
You will :
- Embark on a great adventure of self - discovery.
- Recognize your passion.
- Identify new perspectives for moving forward.
- Learn how to set goals.
- Identify your gifts and talents.
- Discover possibilities in your life.
- Be working in a fun, engaging and professional environment.
- Experience a new level of self appreciation.

Where to go FROM HERE?
- You will be a part of the JumpStart Support Group.
- You can journey with our trainers on one - to - one personal follow-up sessions.
- You can journey with our life coaches on one-to-one personal coaching sessions.
- You can journey with our spiritual accompaniers on one-to-one personal accompaniment sessions.
- Start living your dream.
- You can join the JumpStart Trainers team.

There's an upcoming programme for the next session of JumpStart programme :
21 - 22 February 2014
21 - 22 March 2014
25 - 26 April 2014

Venue : To be confirmed (In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah only)
Language : In English
Price : RM150 

Any inquiries do not hesitate to call Yvonne Teo (012-8380907) 
e-mail to
Please register 5 days before the workshop.
A preparation pack will be given to you before the actual programme starts. 

Tuesday, January 21

Sacred Heart Chinese Youth Christmas Party 2013

Awesomeness awesome I had during the Youth Party! 
We had dinner, we sing, we Praise The Lord, we participate in games, we hear speech.
Let the picture do the talking.

The best thing I've done in 2013 Christmas
I had lots of fun, meeting various people, bonding time with church member.
All so great and amazing. Being with them is the best of all.
I hope I can get more active in Church!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, January 15

Wax Museum @ I-city

This is the last post for the trip to KL with Sharon! 
You can view all my previous post here.
From Churpout 2013 event to 1 day adventure in I-city
Of course not forgeting to mention about all the fast food adventure I had for 4 days trip

Since per entry cost us Rm100 we decided not to buy the ticket.
It was really lucky day for us to get free ticket for the Red Carpet wax museum.
We we're wandering around after the snow walk session. 
Some random people offered us a free ticket for wax museum since they got it for free.
We were very happy to accept the ticket.

It was really okay for me. I don't even bother to take picture with all the wax.
It was really scary actually. Even though it is not as real or alike as in foreign ones but I still hate it lol
It really feels like the wax was watching you walking and taking picture. 
It just creeps me out. Luckily that time there's people as well so I am not really that scared lah but still.
Do visit as well even though its made in Malaysia. hahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 8

Christmas Day 2013 Edition

I guess I'm a lazy bum bum right now. Its not too late to post this I guess. I still have Christmas spirit even though its 2014 already! I cannot believe its already January 2014! Time flies way too fast right now. This post was all about the happenings during the Christmas week and Christmas Day itself.

The week before Christmas, after Church we went to meeting room and start out packing as a Christmas gifts during Christmas Day! Everyone of us finished packing within 1 hours time. So fast and efficient. Way back then, it took us 1 whole day to pack it up. But of course the gifts consist of snacks only.

Picture with soon to be Father Deacon Mitchely!

During the Christmas Day at Church! Everyone of us doll up pretty for this festive season! We sang Church song with all our hearts out. It was awesome pawesome! Super happy to get more gifts that day! I look super slim above the picture! I think my body double by now T__T

At night we had Youth Christmas Party! It was even awesome! We had great food prepared by Aunty and all the drinks from the caroling. We even sang and pray and gave few speech about our experience from Caroling! Super awesome night bunch of awesome people! Love them lots. They make me happier and lots of laughter together as one. Sorry for the blur picture, all grab from people's phone. hahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.