Tuesday, June 25

It's me VOOMEI ♥

Hi Everyone, hmm where should I start?? Maybe some introduction about myself, since I didn't introduce myself properly in this blog for those who don't know about me, kindly read this post. hahaha I'm born in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, known as Land Below The Wind, celebrate my casual birthday every year on the 17th of August, monkey year and a Leo (rawrrrrrrrrrr) 

I'm a cry baby when I was a kid and I have my first crush on primary school (LOL) which 80% totally look like GD ( Double LOLLLLL, that's why I never like GD at all, no offense :P) My puberty doesn't hit me correctly and I became a lot more lazier so I've started to have tuition for 11 years (primary til high school) AND become fatter. 

Class of 2009

High School BFF

Anyway 5 years of high school wasn't that bad. Had bunch of people that loves me from my primary school friend till now and new friends I've made since form 1 till now and new friend I've made in college till now. I had a great childhood and a teenager life. 

High School BFF

Oh I started blogging when I was form 5. And this is my first blog yvonneying92.blogspot.com , I do update my old blog sometime especially when I have something to rant about or deep thoughts that I wanted to share out and voomei.blogspot.com is my current one where I blog about everything in general not much of ranting in this blog. 

Primary BFF

So eventually I went for Diploma in commerce after finished SPM. Studied at IS for 2 years & 4 months and finally graduate on time even tho I failed few subject. :P I've joined a lot of activities, have loads of fun while being a student again, but its completely a different level of student, a college student.

High School BFF

College BFF

See bunch of pretty girls in my blog. HAHAHA I still have tons of BFF but lots of them were apart from studies. I hardly social with guys cause they don't talk to me unless its about assignment or about studies. HAHA So after graduate I can't decide what I've wanted to study so I might as well work work work and work. Working sucks and money for the win. 

Hope you all enjoy the pretty ladies in this post. HAHA
Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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