Saturday, March 23

Off We Go

Hellooooo! Short Post here or maybe long. Depends. Anyway I'm not going to update blog for weeks or more since I'm going for vacation for 8 days. Even I'm back I still need to compile all my photo so that I could blog about my trip. So excited already. Lemme give you some tips on things you should or shouldn't brought during vacation.

What you should bring and what you shouldn't bring during vacation. 

(Disclaimer: Picture from Google. Has their respective owner. So back off people. HAHA)

Tips - Should bring

~ Don't throw away old bra, underwear, old clothes, old pants, old socks. This might come in handy. For old bra , undies, and socks you could throw away each time when you've worn it for the whole day during travelling. As if you're in 7 day trip try to at least bring 4 to 5 old clothes/ pyjamas which is more comfortable for night wear and throw away when worn. This method will definitely reduce the luggage weight and when there's no time to wash it. 

~ Lotion is a must especially travelling and also medicine based on doctor's prescription. Never forget to bring lotion no matter how dry or humid the weather. For cold & dry weather try to bring lotion which is more thicker and moisture. For humid & hot weather its good to have spf 50+ with easy absorption so your skin won't feel sticky all day long.

~ Bring at least one more extra hand carry bag in your luggage. When you're in a shopping heaven, you might want to have extra bag. Just in case you have no time to buy extra luggage during the trip.

Tips - Shouldn't bring

~ Hairdryer, curler tong / straightener. Most of the hotel would definitely provide these stuff (except for tong). Unless you're going into jungle (don't even have electricity -.-) or stayed in a cheap hotel which didn't provide anything, then you can bring. For curler tong / straightener , absolutely no, unless you're attending a fashion show or you have the energy to bring & carry loads of stuff back and forth. I don't think you even have the time to doll up on a tired trip. 

~ Fancy clothes & accessories, Please don't bring fancy clothes, bring comfy and casual clothes. Sometimes fancy clothes might not be functional and comfortable because you'll be walking, sweating or freezing all day.  Please leave all your expensive belongings / accessories at home, never bring it during travelling, it may caused eye catching for thieves. 

Erm.... That's all I could think off. Who knows this might come in handy. I always go with comfortable style. :D Anyway going to fly soon. Will be back for update soon! I'll make sure you drool all the way when you're reading my trip post!

Have a nice and great day!
Cheers and God Bless. :D

Friday, March 22

Dancing with the shoes

Sometimes we need to break a leg, not relaxing but dancing! :D
As you all know I've been joining dancing class for years now 
caused I'm scared staying at home alone at night. HAHAHA(true)
But this is also the only way I could sweat it out. 
Lack of exercise and gaining weight sucks. 
Still need to maintain body weight please. 

(Sorry for the ugly picture of me, If you happened to vomit while reading you might want to exit this blog. LOL)

Mommy :3

We had a celebration, actually for the late CNY celebration.
Caused during month of February everyone was busy for CNY.
So for the whole month of Feb we didn't attend any class at all
In the same time war began. We stop the class until the war was settled or calmed down. 
So we return to class on the 2nd week of March.

I don't usually took picture on my dancing class 
but I somehow wanted to on that particular night. LOL

Took few pictures before the class started. 
Okkkk my face really blends well with these Aunties. T.T I look old.
(Anyone of these Aunties apparently your parents?? HAHA) 

After class everyone was having a FEAST.
Fattening much?? All home cooked meal btw. 

See aggressive much??
 I'm sitting in the front row beside the dancing teacher
HAHAHA I wanted to be in the spotlight that night.  
We had fun and randomly talked about going travelling with these bunch of Aunties. :D

 I've been hearing helicopters and army plane flying everyday. Creepy.
Anyway I can't wait for my trip.

Tata and God Bless! 

Thursday, March 21

Firefly Bar & Grill

Hi food Post again. My bff and I are a serious food glutton. We always buy food coupon at groupon since we never tried out the food and its cheap too. So why not tried out when we even had the chance to. This time we tried out Firefly Bar & Grill. We bought burger groupon. :) Don't mind my poor quality camera. :P

This one is sunrise juice not cocktail. So its non alcohol. 
For underage people. HAHA

We tried out cocktail! I personally love Blue Lagoon. haha
Blue Heaven is okay but bitter taste. 
Mine is Sex on the beach. LOL weird name and taste like toothpaste. 
I personally wanted Tequila Sunrise but some of the ingredient were not available. grrrrrr

The toothpaste taste is really strong
 but the more you drink the lesser the taste of toothpaste. 
Even tho the alcohol level is low but I'm not an alcohol lover. 
I will still tried out something new tho. :D

I look fat in this pictureeeeeee.
The burger looks so big right?

Grill Lamb burger 

Pork burger! 
Personally love the grill lamb burger. 
Four of us ordered 2 Pork Burger and 2 Grill Lamb Burger
So we shared half and tried out.
Non of use finished the food. Portion is big.
Very worth it. Next time gonna tried out others menu.
Food all the way down. hahahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, March 20

How to use Bah?

Wanna learn something new??
Ok here's the thing. Each country or state has their own language style or pronunciation.
As for Sabahan like us, as in Sa 'bah' an
We like to us the word 'Bah' instead of 'Lah'
Even though using lah is common but we still ended up adding 'bah' either way.

Here's one of the example Adam did. 
He expressed the word 'Bah' in the way we usually say.
Caused that's how SABAHAN people expressed themselves including me. 
Maybe you could learn it if you happened to be in Sabah. 
Enjoy! :D

Bah! Ciao!
Cheers and God Bless

Monday, March 18


Its been awhile since I've post self shot picture! hahaha I don't know what to post lately. Lack of inspiration! Overall month March is okay. Nothing much to do at work, same routine every time. This is the 3rd week of March already. Like seriously?? I just felt like I've just celebrate New Year. Time flies. Finally I get the time to met up with my bff! I have lots off bff LOL We chat, gossip, EAT A LOT, shopping for books and stuff!
I bought 2 books courtesy to Diana from the book voucher!  Deemed to read a lot of books. I even watch English drama without English or Malay subtitles now! I'm so happy. LOL

 Kinda excited for the travelling trip this end of March which is on 23rd to 30th March. Been waiting for this trip for years to happen. Finally the trip is confirmed and I'm so happy. Since this is the last week before we fly off, we're 50% ready as in packing, money changed and lots things to prepare for emergency and stuff, still have loads of things to pack. So our family is excited! Can't wait! Since I've announced the whole world (as in my friends & colleagues) that I'm travelling I have to buy something for them as souvenir. But I don't know if I have time to shop since we're following tour. I hope I can buy lots of things for them. hahaha Hopefully. :)

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

Friday, March 15

Macadamia Popcorn

Okay just think that I just came from a jungle or live up in the tree,
I never really know that popcorn can be packed as a snack
I usually eat fresh popcorn when I'm watching movie at cinema

Because these popcorn was packed and sell all around the world so
the sugar content is quite high. 
Seriously very high. All my teeth can't stand the sweetness of the caramel.
My tooth nearly die. LOL

The package stated that there's macadamia so every one of us thought there's macadamia
but I didn't found even small pieces of it. Just popcorn and lots of caramel.
Kinda disappointed.

I want fresh popcorn now!!!!! LOL

Cheers and God Bless.

Tuesday, March 12

Tea Time!

One shall not torture/ banned others from eating if you want to eat.
One shall not starve themselves if you want to eat.
One shall not say no to food if you want to eat. 
So I shall enjoy my tea time! 

Black pepper lamb pie! :D

Joined a contest using the picture above
You can read my post here Tickling My Tastebuds
Hopefully I won the contest! Which is not going to be happen. :(

I don't hate blueberry I just hate cooked fruit. 
Taste so weird when fruit is cooked or a jam.

I don't know what type of drink she ordered. I think its some sort of juice.
 Mine is Ice blended green tea!
Secret Recipe's Ice Blended Green Tea taste better than Starbucks!
Starbucks pours too much milk and it taste like milk instead of green tea.
One shall not overpowered the original taste!
Whats the point of drinking green tea with lots of milk inside?
No offense tho! Personal opinion. 

Another tallest girl that I know.
Even I wore the highest heels as in 6 inch nearly at her height but
still can't reach her height. Dafuq?
Obviously I'm short! :(

Blurred out picture!
Anyway time to eat, I'm hungry. LOL

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

Monday, March 11

Shopping Spree

I tend to be attracted by lots of female. They would scream at me, talking about me all day once I appeared. They love me for who I am and always think about me when they need me.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Shopping Spree a.k.a Sales. HAHA =.=" 

I don't really know the actually day of sales. In Malaysia they have sales 4 times a year. As long as they're having discount and sales I considered as shopping spree time. Cheap stuffffffffffff my favorite! 

Guess how much I bought this dress for??
Its only RM 25 and elastic belt for RM 9.90 (You can convert to your own currency)

Mad cheap please. But I took a risk this time
 Because its a clearance week so no testing was allowed.

Luckily it fits cause its free size. 
Sometimes free size has small cutting and its too small to fit in
 cause I'm a fat and a chubby person. 
Not regret buying this!
I was wondering when will I have the chance to wear this to? haha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Friday, March 8

Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)

Last Post about CNY! Should be the last food post for CNY. hahahaha Every Year during CNY each family's tradition is to make Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls). Tang Yuan is usually eaten together with family which symbolize reunion of family/ family togetherness. Previously I've showed how to make Homemade Pan Mian Now I'll be showing you all an easy making Tang Yuan! 

This time round you need a bowl or baking tray to support the dough.
Since its going to be very sticky all over. 
Prepare hot water and glutinous rice flour.
You can't make tang yuan with normal flour we're not baking or making Pan Mian this time.

Pour 250gram of glutinous rice flour 
and add the right amount of hot water into the bowl.

You all should make the dough sticky like glue but thicker
Still need to knead the dough.
Make sure your hands were empty.
 No accessories or else the sticky dough doesn't come off
Cause glutinous rice flour is much more stronger and harder to get rid 
So remember no accessories on hands.

And now we can start to make it into smaller size
Tang Yuan can be either 10 cents small or 50 cents large size
and be filled or unfilled 

We filled our glutinous rice ball with peanut butter!
As well as some unfilled. 
Tang Yuan is a dessert.

Last time we did is Ginger Tang Yuan. Where the broth for Tang Yuan dessert was boiled with old ginger and rock sugar only. This year my Aunt did something different. She made Pumpkin dessert! So it shall be called Pumpkin Tang Yuan Dessert! :D I don't know how to make Pumpkin dessert. Shall learn it from my Aunt next time. hahaha

Have fun making Tang Yuan!
Cheers and God Bless.

Thursday, March 7

CNY Day 3 : Dinner

MORE FOOD POST! I shall make you all hungry all they way. LOL. On the CNY Day 3, was our last day of staying at our hometown. We didn't book any Chinese restaurant for dinner since we can't decide and most of the Restaurant were still close back then except for hotel which was mostly fully booked. 

So we decided to go to Sushi Restaurant. Kinda amazing that a lot of people are opening sushi restaurant. I don't know why but sushi restaurant attracts the most people to dine in. Now let the hungry people suffer reading my post! hahahaha :P

Totally forget to take picture ended up 1 ebiko sushi in my tummy already. haha 
some were missing as well, too hungry already.
Ordered a sushi combo set which was more reasonable and the portion was kinda big.

This was also part of the sushi combo set.

Bro ordered Gyuniku Ramen and I order Gyuniku Udon. *Slurps slurps*
I shared the Udon with mom.

Others order the same Chicken & tempura set

Dad order Tempura Udon (totally forget the name but similar)
This one taste better than gyuniku udon.
Cause the broth taste like sauce and thicker taste too. 

For the dessert we got green tea ice cream for free!! :D
Everyone were bloated with yummy food.
Every time we're going back to hometown,
 we're sure to be bloated with amazing and delicious food
So obviously we gain A LOT of weight. haha
Time to workout! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Tuesday, March 5

Red for CNY

Manicure Post! New on blog! LOL Never really think of posting this. All my post were all about food food food and food. This is what I did during my stay back at my hometown during Chinese New Year. I had lots of free time, bored, I even had time to do mask.

Most people busy opened house (means the owner invited friends and family over to their place to celebrate CNY together), visit friends and family during CNY. My hometown has no people and we live in the jungle (kidding HAHA)

I did something simple RED COLOR for CNY cause red represent fortune.
 Left hand orange red, Right hand red pink.
 Except for my thumb. I exchanged both color.

A closer look for my nails. 
I always stain the side of my fingers and its hard to get rid of it.
 It will be gone when the time comes LOL.

Skin food is my favorite nail polish!
 I've been buying it since they've started selling in Malaysia.
 I was hoping for China Glaze and OPI soon!

Till then,
God Bless

Monday, March 4


Enough with the food post for the moment.
Everyone must be very hungry looking at my food post all the time. 
Here's some of the picture taken during CNY!
Self shot Picture!

I look stupid! HAHA

Blur Picture makes me look slimmer LOL

My hometown back in Sandakan were surrounded by nature!
Air is breezing and windy all day night long.
I had fun taking auto 10 second self shot all by myself on a sunny day. 
I was bored that time. HAHA

Till then,
God Bless!

Saturday, March 2

Tickling My Tastebuds

First ever try on Black Pepper Lamb Pie at Secret Recipe. Probably everyone tried it but Uuuuooohhh!! I love the spiciness of the black pepper. The peppery taste is just right when eaten with the pie together and the spiciness doesn't cover the taste of lamb at all. Even my bff loves it! Will definitely be back for it again!

Friday, March 1

Home Made Pan Mian

Have you ever wonder that pan mian (noodles) is actually spaghetti?? 
I don't know if its true or not but the way of making noodle is basically the same.
Its just that we use local flour and eggs. 
We make Pan Mian (noodles) on CNY Day 3 Morning! 

A very simple ingredient for making noodles.
1.5 kg of Wheat Flour, 4 Eggs and suitable amount of water

Pour out the flour like a pyramid shape

Make a hole in the middle and add the eggs into it.
After mixing up the eggs 
constantly adding water so the dough blends together.

 I added water based on my instinct. It became like this!
I don't need any scaling tho. Don't add to much water until it became watery dough. 
We're not baking cake ok. 

Cut the dough into similar size and roll them. Looks like cheese. HAHA

Then you can cut it into noodles! There's no need to use any machine. 
All hand made! 

TADDAAA! Here's the amazing noodles soup of the day!
We used chicken bones, fresh fish and added some fish ball and meat 
so that the broth is tasty. No MSG added at all. 
Added some chilies, stir fried red onion and some spring onion for better flavor. 

I had to wake up early morning just to knead the dough.
If I don't wake up no breakfast for the day. 
Its kinda hard to knead the dough using hand but you get a great taste of it.
Cause the more you knead the dough the more chewy the noodle. 
So even when you accidentally over cooked few minutes it won't become soggy. 
The food portion I did was for 10 people. 
Looks yummy right!? You can try it out yourself with your family!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless