Monday, December 30

2 weeks of Caroling

Let the picture do the talking here :)

It was 2 weeks before the month of December. I went to church on Sunday with Mom. It was the day my life started to changed. The church finally decided to have caroling session this year. It was really unexpected and I was really happy. I am so glad that Mary was willing to fetch me for practices at night. Mary and I live nearby and since we live quite far away from the church, at least both of us were together as companion during the night. Everyday I anticipate the arrival of practices, learn new songs and prayers. 

And the day of caroling has finally arrived! Even though it was raining almost every night when we're caroling, everything runs smoothly and successfully. A lot of houses we visited gave us great hospitality and keep feeding us with delicious food and drinks. Were so thankful for that.

There's one house that gave me the most strong impression. It was an old grandpa sitting in the wheelchair accompanied by his wife listening to what we were singing and prayer. While we we're singing I was looking at the grandpa all along. I saw his teary eyes, he was touched and I am touched. I went all teary as well. He was really happy to see us visiting him, so happy that Christ has brought us to his house and pray for his health. 

Every time we went to different household, I pray that God will protect them and bless them abundantly. 
And I realized that we're so blessed with everything we had, so blessed that we're alive and living healthily.I am so grateful with everything I have now. I don't ask for more I just wanted to live happily and healthy with my parents. 

Nonetheless our bonding time with all the church members was the most precious time. We were united as one to spread the good news of Christ. We had fun, we create great memories and we were united as one. They teach me how to be young again. hahahaha I feel more childish with them of course. I feel more youthful lol. It was awesome and amazing. I had blast with them!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Tuesday, December 24

Life Is Boring Without Them

What could possibly be doing if I don't have these people in my life. When we grow up we tend to choose the one who is loyal and best to you. They are my helpers, they makes me happy aside from my family, they listen to my intended pun, even I don't usually talk about my problem I always feel happy being just around them even when we're not talking. 

I still do have few bff from primary and high school as well, but I spend with them more often. At least once a month or planning for a sister trip. It was so much fun around with them. Even sometimes there are misunderstanding or short argument, we apologize and make it up. 

I will cherish this moment and I'm glad and happy to meet both of you in my life! I cannot wait to attend both of your wedding, seeing their children growing up and still be friends when we're old. Of course I want to have both of you and other friends to witness my marriage as well. I'm really waiting for this to come. I can't wait to grow old with these people and become part of my family as well. 

They are my part of my 1/3 life's. 
I love you Carrie & Diana <3
Lotsa loves from Voomei! 

Monday, December 23

The Glass Grill & Bar

Finally had the chance to try out The Glass Grill & Bar at Suria!
Early birthday celebration with Carrie.
Great day, great place, awesome people to enjoy our day.

Ordered Blue Lagoon and Long Island. 
Very disappointed with the drinks.

Seafood Chowder! Rich creamy broth with tons of little bites of seafood.

Carbonara?? I don't remember at all. 
It was really creamy and yummy.

Grill Chicken Chop, potato was grilled and added a hint of masala spice.  

Spaghetti Bolognese.
Great food to dine in with family and friends!
Food portion was big enough.
And we had tons of fun chatting and gossip.
Definitely a great day to celebrate Carrie's early birthday.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, December 11

19 Question We Should All Ask More Often

 I've been reading stories at a website call Thought catalog, where I read all weird and awesome stories from different perspective. I stumble upon this 19 Question We Should All Ask More Often which caught my attention and interest to blog about it. Basically I just wanted to answer the question written. So here we go!

1. What is one of the nicest things someone has ever done for you?
~ I'm not sure about this, except for my parents and family, they are the best! 21th Birthday surprise that makes me all teary. 

2. Who/ what do you love most and what are you doing about it?
~ I love my family and my best friends! Endless love pouring on me. What I love most is photography and I'm doing nothing about it. I couldn't make it as my career, it is difficult and please don't judge me by saying I didn't make any effort nor didn't try to pursue it. 

3. How do you show yourself that you love yourself?
~ I eat as much as possible, treat myself good food.

4. Whose life do you believe you've had the biggest impact on?
~ I believe its my parents. They gave me the warmest family even tho I'm a suck ass daughter. They shower me with love more than anyone could give. Give me support and help me when I'm at lost. Though I'm the youngest but doesn't mean that I'm the spoil brat. 

5. What home is to you?
~ L.O.V.E & F.A.M.I.L.Y

6. Is there anybody in your life that you would like to forgive, but haven't?
~ Yes, you Queen B! 

7. When is silence more meaningful than words?
~ When I'm super down. When I'm listening to stories.

8. What do you wish you knew?
~ Anything and everything that doesn't harm myself.

9. Are there chances you've passed up that you wish you'd taken?
~ Yeah I wished I'd taken the 2 months holiday in Perth. I might as well ended up continue studying as well. But I'm not regretting my decision now. 

10. When was the last time you lied? Why?
~ Lied to my mom that I bought a eyeliner which cost me RM20+ but actually it cost me RM40+ If my mom knows that I bought something beyond the price I'm dead meat. And I got cheated as well. The tester proves it but the one I bought in new & nice package was a fake! 

11. What will you never give up on?
~ If its an object I would say my spectacles, I could never wear contact lens it is way too sensitive for my eyes. If its human definitely parents.

12. What is the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?
~ Not sure about it. I think I did a lot spontaneous thing. 

13. How do you know when it's time to let go of something or someone?
~ When you couldn't own it or get it back.

14. What do you wish someone would ask you?
~ I will bring you to gym or jogging exercise everyday. Anyone volunteer??? hahahahaha

15.What have you witnessed that has strengthened / weakened your faith in humanity?
~ No sure about it. Hadn't notice anything about it. 

16. Are there things you sometimes pretend you understand, but actually don't?
~ A lots of time I do that, either I just don't want to admit that I'm deaf or stupid or pretend that I'm smart.

17. What big lesson could someone learn from you life?
~ In life, no matter what, when, why, where and how you choose the path you go everything happened for a reason.

18. What have you done lately that's worth remembering?
~ The best part is going back to caroling spirit. It has been 5 years since our Church we're allowed to go for caroling. It really reminds me the good old days I had few years back. Best year is definitely 2013.

19. What is the simplest truth you can say with words?
~ Not even one is the simplest truth we can tell now. Not even one. Not even.

Hope you enjoy this random post! You guys should think and try the question above.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, December 4

Fast Food Adventure in KL

Drool all you want.
Food post all the way!

Its cost me like Rm50++ I could eat this somewhere else 2 plates of sirloin steak.
Not worth the price anyway. Most overpriced steak ever. 

Cause bread is way too mainstream! Wrappers for the win!

Spinach noodle!

Previously there's a scandal saying meatballs contain horse meat but who cares!!
The news is so over and IT IS SO GOOD! 
I'm craving for it again! :(

Oyster mee suah with shredded chicken meat.
Love this the most! Definitely order this every time I went to Midvalley! 

Sakae sushi! 

Fish that has a lot of eggs loll

I didn't expect chili cheese fries = curry sauce
I can totally make this.

Big burger with Cheese!

Curry fishball yummy!

Curry Chee Cheong Fun!

Fried Chicken! Their spices very favorable and the chicken was fried to perfection!
Did you guys drools from looking at the picture?? hahaha
This was what I've been eating for the past 4 days in KL.
Fast food is really expensive lah. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.