Tuesday, June 11

Bar Tzar Bistro & Bar

Its my first time enjoying this amazing view at the Waterfront KK. 
So near to Sutera Harbour.
Bar Tzar Bistro & Bar is basically located in front of the Warisan Square.

Such a breath taking view!
Basically we went there because we brought groupon for their food. 
This bistro were only specialize in selling their beer to local & foreigner.
So I was kinda disappointed with their food.

Tomato Soup. Its too sour, I still can accept the sourness but my friend didn't finish at all.

Salmon pizza! This was good.
 But the mixed seafood pizza was the worst (i didn't took pic of that)
The fish smells bad, its like keeping in the fridge for too long.

Oh I had spaghetti (totally forget the name).
 This one was good! Love the taste but too dry tho.
And lastly we had Nestle ice cream for dessert. 
You could tell the brand of the ice cream if you're ice cream lover :P
Anyway for overall its 3/5. Still acceptable, luckily its from groupon which is cheaper.
You can try out if you want. No harm trying right? ☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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