Monday, May 27

Taiwan Day 6

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Woke up early especially for Day 6 cause we're heading to Yang Ming San. A very long journey approximately 3 hours of bus journey. But luckily every time long journey of road trip we always stop by at the resting station. Bought some snack, sushi!! Taiwan sushi were cheaper and has more variety. 

Arrived at Yang Ming San for sight seeing. So many beautiful flowers and view, but unfortunately a lot of flowers started to withered, but still a great place. 



The one and only few sakura tree we've saw at Yang Ming San

Family ♥ All of us look fat btw. HAHA

After sight seeing, we headed to town for lunch! Its a buffet steamboat with loads of meat and variety! Then we headed to a mysterious museum which doesn't allow any picture taken inside. And it was fucking crowded with China tourist again! Sucks and rudest people ever!

Only managed to take picture outside the museum. LOL

Another family picture with Auntie! ♥
After that we straight away headed to Shi Lin night market, we went there for dinner and shopping as well. Then off to Taipei 101 for a short tour. 

Such amazing structure of the building, branded stuff, what I love most is their supermarket. Oh and the most cheapest brand I can afford to buy in Taipei 101 mall is ZARA -.-

Oh that night, it was freezing!!!! Mad cold cause it was raining, inside Taipei 101 was much warmer until we went out from the mall. Before we headed back to hotel we went to a specialize bakery for some souvenir. Had another great day as well.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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