Sunday, June 2

3 Days 2 night

Random post today! Cause I feel like blogging. hahaha So as you'll know we're having public holiday for 4 days. Which is on 30th May till 2 June, so we went back to our home town Sandakan.

So day one were pretty sucks. Originally travelling from KK to Sandakan by car would at least take 5 to 6 hours but we took 13 FREAKING HOURS to reach Sandakan. The jam stuck at Kundasang to Ranau. which already took us 6 hours plus. 

Can you believe the normal travelling for 2 hours became 6 hours plus. Due to heavy rain for the previous day it causes land slide and the bridge collapse at Ranau. So that's how it took us long hour. We start our journey at 10am and reached Sandakan around 10.30pm. With the amount of time travelling I'll be at London. LOL 

That night we had our dinner at 11pm plus. Most late dinner ever and most jet lag or car lag ever. hahaha But all the comfort food makes it all worth!! So delicious and happy!! hahaha

Day 2 was kinda okay and normal but still feeling car lag. We had breakfast outside and back home again. We did nothing at all except for my mom and Aunt. They prepare old meat and sambal (to bring back to KK ) and sweet & sour crab for lunch!! 

Dad and I went out in the afternoon and buy some egg tart and UFO tart! UFO tart in Sandakan is the most authentic one. There's one in KK but its totally sugary taste. Yucks. So at night we had the most amazing dinner ever! So good and we had royalty treatment hahaha Not really. Just the food is amazing!

Day 3 is the day we went back to KK, we drove back our Aunt old car. She bought new car so we get the old one. Yay! I can drive back in KK. Like finally man. haha But on our back to KK the car air con broke down and we opened our window the whole journey. So boooooooooooooo. Need to be fix soon. This time our car journey is 6 hours time Good day and sunny day, most loved place is of course Kundasang, cause it cold. 

Great day, great people, and shit pimples pooping out from my face for 3 days. Need to drink loads of water and rest but I'm hanging out with my friend on Sunday so SHOPPING AND FOOD AGAIN. Hahahaha Hows you holiday?? I had fun you have fun?? Oh my back pain is coming back shitssss. :P

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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