Wednesday, January 17

240917 Winter BBQ Session

During the winter month the weather was joking with us literally. The week we had our Potluck lunch it was scorching hot. The next week it was cold, so we Keith decided to do a BBQ session at his house. Also to have dinner before Louisa had her baby out & introduced Cool's brother to us. We all got ready and prepared our portion of the day. 

It was a casual dinner with bunch of them. We ate, we laugh and enjoy our night together. This dinner was so long ago I don't even remember what we had for our conversation. But nonetheless we enjoy and have awesome dinner together where we couldn't finish the meal we brought.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Tuesday, January 16

170917 Potluck Lunch

We've been planning for the next potluck lunch time after our returned from our August party as most of us were busy with work and school after our amazing trip. It's really hard to get together and have lunch time since few of them couldn't make it. But this time we made it big and amazing. I've invited Jeremy while  he invited others. At first I thought only 6 of us but ended up more than that.

To be honest I was really emotional again that day. I was literally on my melt down side but trying to be okay. Because I was overwhelmed by him, Sam & Jeremy at the same time. I was hiding inside Nurool's house all the time, while they were waiting for me and looked for me. It's not like I was trying to avoid them, I just couldn't contain myself to face them while I'm on my melt down.

There were tons of place to sit but he has to sit beside me. I am literally speechless and he was trying to cheer me up being all touche in front of Jeremy. I think he somehow knows whats going on at that time, he was trying to protect me in a good way. Cause some of them trying to match me with Jeremy so he was trying to be there for me in a funny way. Thinking back really made me laugh out loud.

During that time even though it was an overwhelming place for me but we had tons of laugh & fun times together. Because we dance to baby shark & recorded video for baby Jacob. I'm happy but very exhausted in the end. Everyone leaves the places very tired but enjoyed. So lucky to have these get together session with bunch of them. Hope there's more to come. 💓

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

Tuesday, January 9


2017 was a good year for me. I've been enjoying throughout the year although there's unhappy & sad moment but overall was perfect for me. Recap of what I've been doing for these whole year kinda took me a moment to remember. Looking back what I've been blogging and posting about sure does gives me some good memories about it. I still have lots of back dated blog post! This year I just want to make it simple, because wow it was a life adventure for me last year.

2018 is going to be only me. Making myself even better, independent and happier. Spending more time with family I have here. Focusing on my next visa that I need to prepare. Last year was all fun and amazing memories. This year too will be an awesome year for me to focus on what my first purpose of coming to Australia.

I am thankful and blessed to have supportive friends and family. Thank you guys for being part of my life and going through all the ups and down together strengthen us tremendously. Let 2018 journey be smooth sailing, amazing and blessed.

I 💗 You All
God Bless

Tuesday, December 19

091217 Little Bits of Sam's Farewell

For the time I was staying outside with them for 4 weeks seems long but it's short enough to become a memories. When I knew that my aunt was going for two weeks holiday I was keen to stay outside for longer period. I am planning to spend my time with them as much as possible. 

This was the day I called in my childcare center that I was sick and unable to work. I was really tired mentally and physically tired of working at night. My mind couldn't bear it. I had a relax day whole day a good rest and spend my time with them bunch. I definitely felt that I've changed in these period of time. I speak out more than I usually do. Worked up all those unnecessary stuff that makes me tired enough.  

Wasn't in my usual self throughout the entire stay with them. Nonetheless we had our amazing day, small lunch or anything would be enough for me. So blessed with these people around me 💓

Had our last brunch with Sam before his flight with him in the afternoon. Time seems to past by so fast, they were heading to other places to meet up with few people before he flies off, as so we took off and head to our own destination before we sent them to the airport. 

As so time comes and we head to airport. They soon fly off. I was kinda sad because it means some part of our life changes. It took me a few days to grasp the changes. As soon as one week was gone & he was back from the trip it made me realized it was not the same. Small changes but I'm not sure if our relationship changed or not, because I felt different again this time. I wasn't sure but a little changes between us as well. The little bits between us we commonly have increases a lot. I wonder he knew but he probably do. Let us not changes yet, because I will never be ready when I least or expected. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

Monday, December 18

080917 Sunset Beach

Most of my stay in Geraldton photo was taken by him. While back in Malaysia my job was to help people take tons of photo, but while I was here he took a lot more photo of me. I felt like we swap places. When I was working with my photography company I always wish someone could help me take photo of me too, always wondering who would take photo of me? Now I'm glad there's a person who loves photography as much as I do. 

We always had a random decision to go take photos based on the weather actually. When the weather was real good we would go for a walk, he brought camera and I would randomly pose for the photo. I was the random girl strolling around the beach, while some random guy spotted me and decided to took tons of photo of me. 😏😏

He was kinda worried for me caused I have tons of time with him instead of working. He knows I need to earn money to pay for school fee. Told him that I was roster on the specific date and limited working hours. At least he understands.

After sunset we decided to went back home and start some cooking session. We were kinda hungry. He cooked the steak and I prepared the vegetables. Took out my last white wine bottle I bought from the Quaff Food & Wine Expo 2017 for a drink. We enjoyed a simple but delicious meal for two. We then later transfer photo and let the alcohol cool down before he send me home. A real simple day to end our night. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless