Monday, April 29

Taiwan Day 3

If you haven't read my previous post! 

As usual we woke up early at 6 a.m. getting ready early for breakfast and started our journey on 8 a.m. It was basically a long journey, 3 hours of road trip to Hakka Village a.k.a Meinung Folk Village. 

Yup 3 hours sitting in the bus (flat ass terus -.- ), so upon arrival its already around 11 a.m. plus. We stroll around the village and enjoyed our hakka lunch there. 

We took a lot of picture in this small village, amazing place, lots of greenery and flowers ♥ ☺

View from the restaurant. 

View from the restaurant.

I look weird and fake here. ahaha

If you happen to be visiting Meinung Folk Village a.k.a Hakka Village try out their Lei Cha (similar to green tea) its good stuff! haha After lunch and a short rest at Hakka Village we went to E-DA Theme Park.

This is the smallest Theme Park I've went to. =.= 

Hi I'm at Santorini! 

View up from the Ferris wheel! Super cloudy day and the worst theme park I've ever been. They squeeze all the game into indoor section, extreme one were outdoor.The best game I had was the indoor's bumper car. LOL. So you might wanna think twice if you wanna go to this theme park or be prepared by not being too excited, cause you might be disappointed. 

Caused E-DA Theme Park closed at 5pm, did you hear me?? 5PM CLOSED! (Except for the shopping mall besides it) Then we headed to Liu He Night Market earlier. We're having our dinner at there. A lot off good food as well. 

Luckily we went there earlier at 6pm, caused it got so packed up by the time 7pm. Its all packed with tourist not local people! Tourist bus kept on coming and coming and coming. hahaha Hence we're back to our hotel earlier and bloated with good & oily food. ☺☺☺

p/s : Taiwan food post will be the last to post! Not gonna put it into Taiwan Day 1-7! So hope you'll anticipating the food post soon. HAHAHA :P

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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