Thursday, June 13

Getting Old

Lately I feel like I'm getting old now. I AM OLD even tho its only 21 years old. So I need to get some self pampered on skin care product. I don't know which one suit me the best cause I'm a lazy bum person. BUT as time goes by we age. We need to get some vitamin for our body and skin itself.

There might be some skin care that suit me, still finding one tho. Product like SK11, Olay, those were normally known on advertisement throughout the TV and Youtube. So I'm not going to try that. I want to try out something different like Laneige or Hada Labo which is under Mentholatum.

I tried out Dr. Young facial wash just so so, okay okay. But I really recommended Mentholatum facial wash! It really cleanse out all the oily face like me. I have a horrible oily skin that's why pimples pooping out REALLY FAST. 

Medicinal Acnes - Acne Whitening Cleanser. This is the one I'm using! I bought this at Taiwan which is so cheap and very good! This product is only available in Taiwan. So if you happen to be in Taiwan buy this! They have different kind of facial wash as well. They should sell this at Malaysia!!!! I don't know what to do if my facial wash finish grrrrrr hahahaha.

Lately I'm getting tired eyes. So it happen that I bought this Revitalizing Eye Roll - On at Watson. I don't know why I bought it cause I just wanted to. HAHA

I did compared this with Garnier Light Roll - On, I prefered Simple. Because Simple has vitamin and it cool down the tired eyes. Been using it twice a day for weeks now and it did good for me. It doesn't reduce fine line and whitening but it does help reducing tiredness and its refreshing. 

I think I'm gonna tried out Hada Labo moisturising lotion / cream / both. hahaha Even tho I have oily skin I still need moisturizer after facial wash. So gonna buy it when I'm shopping! Pampering my skin is pricey. :X Wallet hangus. #OHMYWALLET Do comment me some of the brand that is good as well! Love to hear some of the product that is not mention in this post! Thanks. ♥☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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