Thursday, May 29

Penang Day 1 : Arival

This is my second trip with Sharon!
Best trip partner ever whatnot she's a tour leader.
But she's not working when on holiday with me lol. 

We were heading to Penang & Langkawi. I actually invited Sharon to this trip & she agreed.
Not to mention cheap fare. This time our trip were with bunch of dancing aunties which included my mom. 

Amazing weather all along the flight.
Upon arrival, we check in our hotel & headed out for a walk.

Nearby our hotel has this amazing building specially for KFC Restaurant (only in Penang lol).
It was beyond beautiful not to mention it was clean as well.

We stroll along the shop, their architecture has this authentic design & lots of random wall painting.

Mom's werking the awkward tired pose. lol

Bunch of line dancer Aunties. 

Aunty Winnie's sandal tore :(
More excuses to shop more hahaha

One of the food court to tried out some of their food & snacks.

Picture time at some random shoe shop nearby the food court.

Shop till drop.

Loving this picture with mommy! 

Some random clown appeared out of nowhere.
And these bunch of Aunties captured him for a picture including Sharon -.-
He's quite handsome when we saw him in real person. :P
But sorry he's quite short! Why all guys so short nowdays?? Not enough nutrient ah?? hahaha 
We then walked to Paragin Mall which is beside Komtar Mall for some shopping session.

Around 8pm our driver brought us to one of his favorite hawker food.
We were not quite sure where's the place located but it was really nice. 
They have pizza stuffed with meehoon (weird), kueteow, abc, asam laksa & more!
After some hawker food we head back to our hotel & got some rest.
Oh btw food post will be last to blog cause I wanna make u all drool just looking at food picture.
Bare in mind that I have a lot of days to blog. So stay update with me.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.  

Saturday, May 24


Sorry guise I've been MIA for so long! I've already missing my trip so badly. Time 'calm yo tits! you're moving too fast' With just 5 days 4 night trip just zap in a blink and I'm back to reality. Even when I'm back to reality it seems that time is running fast as well. I can't keep up the pace at all. Everything is moving so fast, I couldn't catch up right now.

Anyway its been an amazing trip to Penang & Langkawi. I love Langkawi so much! Even better than Penang! Penang is food heaven but not as fun as Langkawi. Langkawi has a lot of amazing activity such as water sport, cable car, & go-cart race. Due to time constraint we only went for sight viewing and more on shopping. Not to mention Langkawi's duty free zone. Its like everywhere & places we stop by has duty free shop. I'd go wild on dark chocolate & not to mention my favorite Martini champagne! I'm not a fan of sweet choco except for pure dark choco with no sugar. Langkawi doesn't have the one I've wanted so I tried out others, still except able but not overwhelming satisfying. 

This is my favorite shot in Langkawi. This is their trade mark statue. This can be seen when we arrived at the Jetty. I'm going to blog more on my trip! Its amazing. I did some recording too, hopefully I can edit picture, video & blog it A.S.A.P cause my schedule are quite packed till end of June! I love busy schedule making me more productive than ever! Loving 2014!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

Thursday, May 22

Individual Shoot : Jacklyn Lim

Beach photo shoot is always the best.
Easy breezy & amazing view! 

This is our amazing Jacklyn!
She does practically everything from props handling 
to make up to all sort of event planning.
Best business partner ever! 
Do check us out on DESTINY PHOTOGRAPHY & give us a like! :D

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

Friday, May 9

Pregnancy Shoot : Mr.Aaron & Mrs.Intan

As a women, as a family, having a child is a blessing from God.
A small child could bring one, both or whole such great happiness 
It was amazing to work with Aaron & Intan.
We were quite worried because it was a pregnancy shoot. 
You know being pregnant is not easy & its really tired to walk around & having outdoor shoot.
It was really amazing that things work out perfectly. 
Even though its a short one but we manage to take great shoots.
Scroll down! 

Wish them both happiness with their child!
Cheers & God Bless 

Saturday, May 3

Siblings Shoot : Xender & Mimi

At first I thought shooting with kids was a lot more trouble.
Cause some kids were really stubborn and naughty 
so it kinda made me hesitate to take this offer.
Job is job! I accept it of course. 
It was really unexpected both Xender & Mimi 
are very cute and they listen to our direction amazingly. 
Let the picture do the talking!

I love how they have fun running back and forth the same place we asked them.
Since they were kids they were only allowed to play at the sand shore.
It was too dangerous for them to play in the sea.
I miss being a kids running around without any doubt and innocently. 
Reminiscing the good old days I have while working with them.
So much fun & laughter despite the hot weather.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless