Tuesday, January 29

Google Eh

Apparently I learn a lot of things in my currently company as in knowing different types of hardware & accessories, assets and electronic stuff. 

As usual girls hate this kind of knowledge, because girls like me were not interested in those kind of car hardware, machinery hardware stuff. But basically we need do know about it when we work or getting old. LOL

Anyway thanks to Google! I manage to search some of the images that I've never heard of or couldn't even imagine what the heck it is. 

Especially the scanner board. I thought its some sort of assets since its a board! But eventually its one of the parts inside the scanner machine. -.- Never thought of it eh.

I still wanna Thank Google for making our life so easy and lazy! hahaha

Cheers and God Bless.

Friday, January 25

Made in Holland

Love this caramel waffle. Taste so good I nearly finish it up all by myself. 

The sweetness doesn't choke up your throat.

The caramel doesn't sticks on your teeth.

It's just perfect. 
Hoping they sell it here at KK. 
I wish I can go to Holland and buy it.
Hope my wish come true!

God Bless

Monday, January 21

A random night

Note : Picture might not be favor for some viewer. So if anyone wanna skip it you may do so.

Avery very random night when Dad went to outstation mom and I have nothing to do. So we......... made sushi. HAHAHAHA -.-
Since I was craving for sushi, so why not I try to make one. 

Prepared salmon, crab meat, seaweed and of course rice. I actually used plastic to roll it up instead of using bamboo roll. It was quite fun to roll it up. My first attempt to roll is quite horrible.


Basically the rice doesn't stick together. I don't know why it doesn't mix well. So apparently the looks were 100% fail.  Mom and I laugh so hard cause it's really huge in size and ugly. 

At least we still finish it up. I love the one with seaweed because the aroma and taste is the best. I'm gonna try to make again next time. The next time you guys see it will be definitely nicer than this 100% *fingered cross* HAHA

Till then,
God Bless.

Thursday, January 17

New Year Supper

Late post of New Year after dinner! Supper! We went to Tuaran for Tuaran Mee on New Year time! So on the way back as usual we bought Coconut pudding again! So we're having coconut pudding for supper at night. 

Then mom want to have more we ended up opening one of the durian. We bought it morning markets! Since its cheap! and HUGE TOO!! 

Then after Durian here come another supper Cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! I ate this one the most!! Such an awesome New Year Supper! hahaha I'm happy everybody happy. LOL

Till then,
God Bless.

Tuesday, January 15

Fan mode!

Fan mode is always ON when it comes to Asian America. Hahaha. I've been catching up some Youtubers for almost a year now. I don't even know when I started to love them or admire them as a fan more than real celebrities.

When I was younger back then around 17, I started to online. Since we moved to new house so everything was new including all latest tech gadget. I just came across wandering around Youtube back then and looked into their video. But I had no idea who they were. 

You know lah those youngster like to click click click without knowing who they were nor know where they were from. As time goes by, social media and all tech stuff became so strong in our life we just couldn't  stop knowing every single people that is not famous to absolutely infinity famous people. 

Basically I came across knowing WongFu Production because of their name WongFu. hahahaha I literally thought they were some sort of REAL WONG FEI HONG! HAHA But then I scroll and watch every single  video they produced. I was quite amazed.

And because of them I found other Youtubers as well. I fell in love with them (as a fans). I began to follow their Youtube, Twitter and like their fan page in Facebook. I have a Youtube account but I don't post vlogs or short video. I just came across being a fan by watching their video and like their video as supporting them. Sometimes I do comment but not every single video, just some.

One thing that every fan has in a dream. Is being followed or comment by their admire or celebrity HAHAHA.

Did you saw it!? Did you saw it!? David Choi personally DM me!! *fainted* I don't know why he did that. Even though he just messaged me personally and generally asking me to like him on facebook but I'm okay with it and I'm so HAPPY!! I can't reply his message because my twitter is private and he didn't follow me!! D:

I don't know if anyone of you received the message as well. But I feel honored and happy just because he asked me to support him. LOL *perasan mood* Okay this messages was way way way back then. But now I still wanna share it with you all!  *shows off face* HAHA :P

I think its good to interact with fans more often. Because as a fans we will definitely wanted to be noticed by people who is famous or a celebrity. So yeah. Just sharing my thoughts tho. hahaha Hope all the people you admire will talk to you! I hope celebrity will follow my twitter and talk to me. T.T Hopefully. Fan mood-ing now! hahaha

Cheers and God Bless!

Thursday, January 10

Selca Post!

*I'm warning you all! A lot of selca picture. So if you wanna skip it, you may do so.*

Make-up is the worst thing I've done. Seriously how can you wear make-up in such a hot weather but still can manage to look gorgeous!? I can't. Seriously. I salute all those who wear make-up even when they were shopping. LOL

I know make-up can make everyone look gorgeous but I'm more into comfortable style. My style is like t-shirt/ dress, short pant/skirt, bag and without make-up, and I'm off. 

Now I only did make-up when I'm attending dinner, party and performance. That's all. No more than that. Unless... I'm in a very good mood. hahahaha

But I'm still trying to learn about make-up. I like to watch Michelle Phan & Bubzbeauty youtube channel. Quite inspiring but with all the make-up tools and stuff. I can't afford it. hahaha So I'll be sticking to plain and simple make-up.

Eye-liner, bb-cream, foundation, and blusher for a very simple and nice make-up. I hate heavy make-up. Makes me look like a weirdo.

Just a simple make-up but a complicated technique. At least I can learn it. Buy the color palette and try out to make it perfect.

So yeah! Make-up is one of my most challenging thing since I have to wear spectacles too. I'm blind and I don't wear contact lens. When I'm old enough I'll get Lasik. Someday.

Cheers and God Bless.

Tuesday, January 8

Dinner at Luigi Malones with BFF

I'm used to it buying groupon now. Worth it buy it, worth it buy it. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can view my previous post on Groupon Fever. This time we bought dinner set at Luigi Malones! Their Restaurant were featured in Everyday Food I Love too! Featured Post!

Groupon are worth buying when its cheap. Its really great that a lot of Restaurant now a days in KK were having promotion in Groupon. We can try it. If its worth next time we'll definitely be back there again. 

This time I asked my BFF if she wanted to dine in Luigi. So we bought price of RM50 for two person. Quite reasonable for western food.



There's lot of choices to choose for the appetizer and main course! Its really hard to choose cause all my favorite!  But we ended up choosing Fried Sotong and Fried Mushroom with breadcrumb! 

For the Main Course! We chose Stone Bake Seafood Pizza and Luigi's Lasagna! Two of us can't even finish the Pizza! I love their food! Not bad actually. Lots of cheese tooooo...... Yumyum!

Lastly for the Dessert we ordered Apple crumble and Choco Profito (the name...errrr I forget the name, some sort of puff stuffed with Ice cream in the middle). We didn't finish the apple crumble not even half eaten. Such a waste! We finished the ice cream tho. Hahaha

Its a very great place to dine in with family and friends. Recommend to all of you food lovers! Try it out!

Cheers and God Bless!
Till then.

Saturday, January 5

New Year Eve Dinner!

A normal Monday. But its New Year Eve! Last day, last month, last year of 2012. Its such a long journey in 2012. It feels like everything just happen yesterday. Still have a fresh mind and vivid feelings, as if I just came back from my trip last year 2011. 

Anyway since New Year Eve falls on Monday, I still have to go to work as usual. I felt quite different because I somehow felt a bit festive since Christmas just passed over not long ago. So mom was able to return home early that day since a lot of people took leave. I has no half day work!!! T.T

Since mom was home early she prepared something special for New Year Eve Dinner! I'm happy! :D Can you feel it!? Can you feel it!? LOL. Basically mom bake pie with lots of meat and potato inside. LOL

I can't think anything of good name of this dish. Ingredient for this pie inclusive of meat balls, potato's, onions, hams, chickens and cheeses that cousin bought back from Europe, Oh! and some herbs that goes well with anything that is in western style!

Apparently when we cut it into slices it broke apart. Basically its a failure. LOL It taste good anyway. We finish the whole pie!! Its HUMONGOUS! Almost weight in 5kg Oh...... IT IS!!

Sweet and sour crab as complimentary dish or should I say our side dish!? HAHA Too much for being side dish. Yummy......*drools* *wipe off my saliva* *gulps*

I'm quite happy during our dinner time. We sit together and spend our family time together go through a fantastic dinner. Waited for the neighbor to put up fireworks and end our night with goodnight sleep. Such a great night to end 2012 and welcome 2013.

Till Then,