Wednesday, July 27

1st Month in Geraldton

Hey guys! Its been awhile since I've update my life in Geraldton! I've been busy with school and work. Actually I'm way too free. I work at least 3 to 4 times a week for 2 to 3 hours. It was one hell of work. Waitress work in Aussie is not easy job. They use glass/ ceramic from cups to plates, not to mention thick stainless steel cutlers. It was heavy as hell. Back in KK all restaurant uses plastic plates and cup so it is so much lighter and easy to carry back and forth.

As for my school, I went to class only on every Monday and Tuesday. I thought I need to attend class every fucking day because I have fucking 18 units to complete for this certificate III course in 6 MONTHS. But as soon as I started class it was actually all online assessment work. I go to school for theory online assessment and workplace assessment at Childcare center. So basically I can just do all my theory assessment at home and left out difficult ones for school. The most awesome part of Childcare course is I DON'T HAVE FUCKING EXAM!!!! Praise the Lord! HAHAHA 

I am sure that everyone in KK who took this course would curse me. If I were to take this course in KK I probably stress myself up with the final exam. What's the point of forcing oneself remember all chapters when I will definitely forget everything. Well good thing is IDGAF about other's course right now. 

Well I've been eating healthy lately. Not sure real healthy or not. But as long as my weight is still the same I don't give a shit. I need to get lots of nutrition during this winter time. THANK YOU CHEAP AVOCADO! The weather is so cold right here and I don't drink as much water as back then. I could gulp up to 2 liters everyday, but now I couldn't even reach 1 liter per day. Not to mention the weather here is so dry, I put twice a day lotion doesn't work much either. 

Anyway, its been real good lately. I don't feel stress but bored sometimes. I couldn't find a decent friend at school. Maybe it's gonna take longer time. Inconsistent schedule for my course and I only saw some of my classmate once a week. So not much of friendly way to make friends. I just can't wait for my workplace assessment to start next week or sometime. Gonna deal with kids soon. Can't wait. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless 

Friday, July 8

Adapting new environment

To tell you the truth I haven't miss home once. Yet. HAHA I really enjoy here without hearing nagging and all sorts of discourage words. Its not that I don't like my parents or anything I just want a peaceful mind. I hate it when people pushes me, I felt annoyed. But here I felt so relax and calm. I get to do and enjoy my time here. 

I do miss my friends though and food T.T Even though its all good here I felt so boring sometimes since I haven't made friends. Haven't start school or even get a decent casual work here. It takes time for me. I'm a good listener but not talking. I can answer your question but not questioning or slip into a conversation. Anyway I do went out and enjoy the view & food here. 

Fish & Chip, Fried Salted Chili Squid. SO GOOD!

Tons of jars of Jam & Pickle!

There's two Muslim stall here in the market! They have rendang as well, so glad to see few Muslim food here in Geraldton. Every Sunday there will be a market and stalls selling food and fresh product. There is another market on Saturday but in different suburb. Aunt and I decided to open a stall as well to sell off some fruits and vegetables and also open a sand art for children! So exciting!

HMAS Sydney II Memorial

Went to this Aunt's house twice, she's from China. She's the funniest and friendliest one I must say. She has a small vegetable and chicken farm at her backyard. Making dumpling soup! She made the best sauce ever that compliments so well with the dumplings.

My typical breakfast. Bread all day errdayy!

Currently my favorite brand for chips!

Made Marmalade jam! 20 bottles of them small and big.

Haven't able to go to church yet. The Cathedral is under renovation and open on August. So maybe after that I will go there when it is done with renovation. I am currently waiting for my school's orientation day and call from job. Need to get a decent casual work here so I can at least reduce my school fees burden. Recently I have been visiting few of my Aunt and Uncle's friends for dinner or lunch. It was nice. Anyway I just hope that everything is fine here and able to built up my confidence and try to talk more. HAHA

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

Wednesday, July 6

Kundasang trip 25 - 26 June 2016

Family trip to Kundasang at Bensin Homestay
It wasn't confirmed till my aunt say she wanted to go. 
It was a small gathering since Uncle Ted came to KK with aunt as well.
It was also for my farewell since I'm heading to Perth on 28 June that time.
So picture time!

Ho sisters! HAHA

Family! Missing my bro -.-


Missed my family!! T.T

Monday, July 4

Confidence is the key

I have settled down in Geraldton WA since Wednesday. Its been quite a thing for me. I mean I'm in a culture shock mode. I'm not used to the people so friendly, hugging & kissing me all the time. It has only been 4 days since I've settled down. So I might take time to really get used to it. And I prepared myself for having a hard time saying please and thank you. LOL I am just not into talking. Aussie people really like to talk. I just can't get a decent conversation to even slip into their converse. I am terrible and having a hard time. I can hardly remember any name when they introduce themselves. Not to mention my voice tend to changed when I talk in English. 

Went to visit my school on the second day in Geraldton. I mean I'm already going around the town asking for job. I really love the environment at my college but student was so much younger than I anticipated. Where are those damn decent age people like me?? Either their students were young or the teachers were old enough to become my grandparents. 

Their supermarket selection is fresh and have a lot of varieties. I haven't had the time to really look into each and every item that was on display. So maybe one day when I'm free I can take my time to really explore their item that they have. Their price was extremely cheap when it is on special sales. As long as I don't convert everything to Malaysian Ringgit, then it is cheap. HAHA

Oh and I'm trying my best to keep control of my food intake. They love to eat. I mean junk food from chips to sweets to ice cream to cereal. OMG Trying to say no every time even coffee or tea. MAIGOD. Been eating as healthy as I can right now, so I won't have to deal with weight issues. As long as its on special sales my aunt tend to grab food that she can't even finish it off.  The trolley above are madness! I could barely finish it off even for two months.

What I'm trying to do now is to say no every time my aunt ask me what I want to buy or eat. Cause we need to have major food stock clearance. I saw lots of expired canned food still sitting on the shelf. Not to mention 2 big fridge full with lots of leftover food & frozen product. I think I need to clear that up soon. So my aunt won't store overdue food in the fridge. HAHA Major fridge makeover LOL

I'm loving this place better and hope to get better used to it. I really love this relax and easy going lifestyle here so much better than KK. Not a busy town, so calm and simple place to relax and enjoy here. So far so good. Trying my best to communicate and enjoy their lifestyle better.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless