Monday, July 28

Penang Day 5 : Street Art & Good Bye

It was our last day in Penang!
Since its the last day we enjoy our time to the fullest.
Our last destination for Penang trip was of course the street art.
Penang is famous for their street art.
 Now even Ipoh has street art drawn by the same artist.
I have lots of amazing shoot taken. Let the picture do the talking.

Mom being the thief! hahahahaha

Last stop for lunch before we head to airport.

The amount of luggage double by the end of the day. 

Second Penang bridge. Happened to pass by otw to airport. 
It was definitely an amazing place to visit Penang and Langkawi.
I will definitely be back again in Penang & Langkawi next time! 
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My food post on my Penang trip will be the next soon!
I hope you guys prepared for the food post.
I will make sure you to drool.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

Tuesday, July 22

Turn over a new leaf

It was kinda stress out knowing that I have to woke up early in time to get ready for work. I miss being jobless but I know being jobless is a piece of shit in life. I can't be a jobless woman for the rest of my life. I have to earn some money. Save up and spend the entire thing out of it. Now that I've started going back into the society again I'm feeling energized. 

First day of work was pretty okay. I'm learning new terms and adjusting into a new environment again its like turn over a new leaf. Slowly getting up the pace I have right now. I feel so much better with work. I can concentrate and I can learn more. I hope I'm getting the same work load I have right now so the time pass by wouldn't be so difficult for me. 

Being busy with work really distract me from slacking off and of course its like forgetting all the bad memories or being depressed. I think I'm loving the job I have right now but I'm not sure in the future but I hope I will. 

I will try to get back to my blogging as well so you guys wouldn't miss out anything I'm doing right now. My purpose of life is to work, earn, travel and photography. So in the mean time I'm leaving my photography career aside but instead a hobbies. I only accept photography business when I'm offered. I'm not going to sell hard core promoting like crazy through advert. I'm doing photography as passion that I love. So when I have the chance to do it I will bring out professional outcomes to my customer. 

I am also constantly improving myself in different aspect of life, work and passion. I don't want to become helpless and depressed again. Being that makes me so low and sick. I'm still young. I may not be able to endure the hardship in the past but I'm sure I will be better in the future. Working hard right now. I hope I myself won't give up so fast. I still have many years to learn and improve. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

Wednesday, July 16

Langkawi Day 4 : Eagle Statue & Back to Penang

Read all the previous post if you haven't!

It was our last day in Langkawi.
We had few hours of free time early in the morning so basically
we went to Langkawi International Airport for a short tour. 
Actually we went to airport because aunties have to add on extra luggage 
5 days trip its already a chaos, not to mention the amount of luggage add on.

We're enjoying the weather and scenery at our resort,
some of the aunties were enjoying their short swim
before we head off & get ready to the Ferry port.

Before we went to the Ferry port, our last stop was to visit the Eagle statue.
Its only less that 5 min walk to the Ferry port.

The sun was really hot that day cause its around 12pm in the noon. 
Scorching hot sun but the clouds & sky were really beautiful. 

Best shot for Langkawi's trade mark. 

Having lunch at Kenny Rogers.
Worst lunch ever. 

Not to mention, we had the most horrible ferry ride back to Penang.
The sea was really rough that day. 
Sea sick to the max. I didn't vomit tho, I took medicine before hand. 
At night we had dinner & go for more shopping.
Since its gonna be our last night in Penang. 
Last night was absolutely the most hardcore ever.
 Have to walk, shop & eat everything until we're satisfied.
And we have to pack all our stuff into our luggage. 
Best night lol.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

Friday, July 11

Wedding sample shoot Part 1

These are the best shot I've taken for wedding sample. 
But I'm sure I can improve a lot better in different aspect.
Especially on lighting. The sun was really scorching hot that time.
I have certain types of like on photography.
I'm more into portrait kinda shoot. The last picture above is my best.
It feels like it was from a magazine shoot. 
And if you guys notice. 
The girl is always on the left & the guy is always on the right.
I just notice that as well. haha

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Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

Sunday, July 6

Penang Day 3 : Ferry Terminal & Langkawi

We were heading to Langkawi this time. 
We were supposed to be planning to go to Hatyai but that time it was on curfew.
Quite dangerous for us but now its ok to go Thailand right now.
Woke up super early to catch the ferry. 

Looks like sunset but actually its sunrise. 
Super nice & amazing weather that time.

Angmoh babies! Babies everywhere!

Langkawi is super easy to go with. 
Just rent a car and we just go with the map on hand.
My mom was the driver! 
Most trust worthy & of course I'm the one who guide mom with the map whole journey.

First tourist place to visit.
Langkawi is most famous with ointment oil. 
We bought a lot actually and it could last really long.
And its good when there's aching body, it sooth the pain from the heat of the ointment.

Heading to Cable Car!

Lots of places to walk around the cable car. 
Enjoying the view & did some shopping as well.

I didn't went up to cable car. I have acrophobia please. 
It was creepy & the cable car is really small. I cannot.

On the way back there's bunch of wild monkey came down from the tree to look for food. We didn't really feed them it might cause an uproar like getting into our van or might die eating our human food, but we enjoy looking at them. So we head down to town, and go for more shopping & dinner as well. 

We had so much time shopping for chocolate and guess what!? I found my favorite champagne. I bought 2 bottles of it and it doesn't even cost RM80 for 2 bottles. The last time I had that champagne it cost me RM110/bottle. That's why I found something good at this trip! Duty free state is the best!! I want to go back Langkawi again! Oh that champagne is called Martini Asti. 

I have to say this trip to Langkawi is the best, we haven't actually really visited all the places. There's a lot more places to visit in Langkawi. I'll definitely be back to Langkawi again. Read my previous post if you haven't in Penang Day 1Day 2 (part 1) & Day 2 (part 2)

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.