Tuesday, July 31

Your brilliant smile means more than just healthy teeth

Here’s how we can all do some charity this festive season! For every fan Colgate gains on their FB page, Colgate will contribute 50 sen to charity. For every pledge on their FB, RM3 and every share, RM1!

You can make pledges or get some fun Facebook cover photos to donate RM3 to the project too. Time to give back this festive season!

Wanna help out more? With the Mari Beramal Bersama Colgate project, you’ll be donating to 15 orphanages under the Social Welfare Department of Malaysia every time you buy Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection or Colgate Kayu Sugi Charity toothpastes.
For more info click HERE!!!

Monday, July 30

Astro On-The-Go

Who says watching TV means you have to be in your living room? With Astro On-The-Go, your TV is mobile and now wherever you want it to be.

Now show us where you want it and be part of The World’s Longest Banner Ad! All you need to do is submit your photo according to the instructions for your device, and tell the world where you want to watch your Astro On-The-Go! With your entry, you could win a new iPad to enjoy endless entertainment wherever you go.

Remember to include #AstroOnTheGo if you submit your entries via Twitter. Now you can have all your favourite programmes when you want, wherever you want it! For more information on the contest, please visit HERE!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25

Samsung SIII

Most of you all heard of SIII right!? Of course you're all know it. Everyone is well updated with electronic gadgets when it comes to touch screen phone. I know many of you own an iPhone or even SII now.

But now here’s something that is guaranteed to make you the target of envy from all your friends – the Samsung Galaxy SIII!

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is effortlessly smart and intuitively simple. Talk to it with S Voice, share cool stuff on it with your friends with S Beam, and Smart Stay keeps your phone on, as long as you’re looking at it. Don’t forget the gorgeous 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display too!

It’s the talk of town. Get it now from Samsung! For more info click HERE!!!

Tuesday, July 24

I'm thinking of buying it :D

Since I've completed and got my license for like 2 months ago. My parents were searching for new cars. We've attended a lot of road show from local brand such as Proton to foreign brand. Comparing prices as well as their function. 

We're looking for something that is affordable since we cannot afford to buy luxurious car. But somehow I was attracted by the latest promotion from Volkswagen Malaysia(click this)

They are having Hari Raya Promotion just like a buffet dinner! LOL. Because of this celebration Hari Raya they are giving you all something that you can enjoy from free insurance and road tax for the Golf 1.4L TSI® and Passat 1.8L TSI®* or you could enjoy 3 free interval and an incredible instalment rate for only RM980** a month for the new Polo Sedan 1.6L MPI. 

For more info you can go to their fan page HERE!! If you have a lots of question to ask about this promotion you can go to any branch that is available.

Have a nice day Cheers! :)

Monday, July 23

Wall's Fruttare

On a hot sunny day. What makes you think of it?? For others they may think of beaches, bikini bottom ladies, hot guys, and of course something ice cold, freezing to make us cool down.

There are a lot of cold icy food that cool me down. I personally like ABC, especially the fruit actually its a sea coconut. A very unique taste. 

But I discover a new flavor of ice-cream which was launched last 2 months ago. Can you even imagine fruits that you don't like or never taste before became the newest taste of  ice cream!?
Banana flavor

Sour sop 

Red grape and Lychee (Launched)
Wall's Fruttare is made from real fruit juice which has no artificial flavor and color. It tastes like fruity real imagine like you're eating the grape or lychee for real. Omnomnomnom. With these new flavor and fruity real it only consist of 70kcal for red grape and 60kcal for lychee. I could eat this both flavor without any hesitant or worried much on working out. Super happy :D You can buy this at any outlet which are available like 7eleven or any supermarket. 

Ohya almost forgot. Did you know that they have this contest going on. Where you snap picture at their booth section, post it and get lotsa likes you'll have the chance to WIN exclusive prices.

Everyone of you are welcome to join their contest which were all stated Here . Why not try it out and stand a chance to win great prices that you can't even imagine.

I can't wait for banana flavor to be launch. Looking forwards on how it would taste like. 
For my ending post I give you BANANA! <3

Sunday, July 22

Peaceful Sunday

Its another Happy Sunday. Where everyone enjoys their good sleep with bed, wake up early in the morning prepare for church service, having a hearty breakfast to keep yourself energy all day long.

As for me, of course I'll be enjoying my good morning with games in Facebook and updates in Twitter. What a life I have. Saturday and Sunday is the best time for me to update myself at Facebook and Twitter. One must not be out of date. Okay enough with the long story. 

Basically mom asked me to do clean up last week and packed it up nicely to donate it to the recycle. Too bad that it wasn't today they had this recycle day. So we're bringing it back home after brunch.

Speaking of brunch we went to Tuaran for Tuaran Mee Kedai Kopi Lok Kyun

For the original taste of Tuaran Mee here is the best of the best. Its non-halal. They serve pork tho. Even ze most famous Ah Xian (not really famous for youngster) visited this Kedai Kopi for their television review. Isn't it amazing. Even celebrities doesn't visit them their place is always crowd with people and for local its the best. (ps: All is in my point of view)

For those local that didn't even try that, go and try it, you won't know what it taste unless you've try it. Not to mention their portion is a lot too. Every time I had it I barely finish it but I still ended up eating all of it just not to waste it. (ps: Children and even adults please don't waste food)

On the way back home one thing that you must not missed is the most amazing desserts. Coconut Pudding for a hot weather. Its cold and refreshing which cool down the heat in your body. Omnomnomnom

While dad is driving, mom is sitting like this to avoid sunlight heating her leg. The good way to avoid sunlight from darkening your leg. But I think tanned leg makes you look skinny Mom. hahaha
 As for me I've always sat on the left side sits no matter what. So while I was enjoying the outside view I was  amazed by the shape of the clouds. Such a beautiful day and I feel blessed.

Cheers everyone and God Bless 

Small Introduction

Ohla people :) This is my brand new blog post. Somehow a lot of people inspired me to create something new. From fashion blogger Cheesie (from Malaysia), Chriselle (from LA), Make up artist youtube sensation and blogger as well Michelle Phan (from LA) to production crew such as Wong Fu Production (from California). There were a lot of people who inspired me as well.

How can you not loved their passion towards their work and amazing outcomes they have achieved. Quotes below by Steve Jobs was the most inspired of all. This is why I want to find something or I call it passion that I like. I want to achieve something enormous which people wouldn't even think of it. I have a dream everyone have a dream. A big dream.

I've been blogging for like 3 to 4 years since high school and I totally stopped blogging since this year March. But now I'm back with brand new stuff. This blog will consist of my life, food, fashion, music and many more which I like the most or being sponsored as well. 

This blog will be share in Social Media East Malaysia every time my blog is updated after being approved to post in their page so anyone of you can catch up with my blog and other blogger as well. But of course I will definitely post it in facebook as well as in twitter. All post and others will be share public except for twitter (ps: I need some privacy too, I will follow those I know only)

For business inquiries please email me at naoki_ying92@hotmail.com

Thanks and Cheers