Wednesday, November 28

Costume of the night

This year our performance was a bit extravaganza so we tailor-made our own costume just for this performance. White silk for the body part and black chiffon for the wavy sleeve and for body curve effect. The skirt of course particularly ordered from China since its cheaper and sponsored. After the top was finished all we do was just decorate our top, color matching with the skirt red in color. 

At first the design was like this above. But it somehow looks weird on us. Since the polka dot was added too much and we looked like a clown. So we removed some of it and it ended up like this. 

TADAAAAAAA!!! It looks better now!

We did this for like 2 days. The most hard part was the ribbon. So hard to make ribbon when the material is soft and got lots of hole. My mom managed to make it nicer than me. Mom always the Prooooo!! Hahaha But neither I'm bad as well. :P

Cheers! :) 

Friday, November 23

Deepavali 2012

Seasons greeting!! HAHA Not yet Christmas please but soon. This particular year that I will never forget which was this year's Deepavali! A very happy day indeed because my Yee yee (Known as mom's younger sister) flew back to KK and visited us for 5 days. Were having a family gathering. So good to have a small family gather once a while. She bought us chips and smoked salmon! Yummy (I'm munching my chips :P )

Oh another thing on Deepavali day! I GOT WORK ON HOLIDAY! WTF!!! I spend my holiday working or should I say sitting in the office for 9 hours doing nothing. Some more internet down that day. Super bored please. Mad Die Me that day. But somehow I'm excited because I get to drive alone to work! haha 

Like finally I have the chance to drive alone to work. No car some more. I'm still a newbie in driving please especially manual. On the way back home I mati engine for like 10xxxxxxxx man!!! I still can't stop laughing when I remembered and also when I told my parents. They already expected mati engine but not as much as 10 times. HAHA Hi I'm a Kopi O License! Nice to meet you all! Drive safely because I just registered as Kopi O License! :D

God Bless and Cheers!

Wednesday, November 21

Zumba Fitness Party for Charity

Got free ticket to Zumba Charity organized for Sabah Society for the Blind. It's my first time ever going to Zumba with mom. I've never join Zumba before so I'm excited! My mom was even excited than me. She wanted to go to Zumba class but quite expensive for each class.

Anyway! I was all prepared for the Zumba session! Music was up and everyone started the Zumba session. Basically were late. Haha

Charity always not filled with people. Most of the company bought a few tickets and gave it to their workers as charity. Some of them were real Zumba dancer!

Oh for the special guest Stacy from AF Season 6. She's the special guest of the night and what she do was casually dance and sang one of her song also other's song for like 30 minutes!? I don't even know who she was until I Google'd up. Really paiseh leh. I don't even know she was a Sabahan till I searched it. -.-

So I've been sitting down whole night and take picture. All the picture blurred out since I zoooooooooomed full blast and I didn't even took a picture of Stacy. ahaha Overall the party was okay. Maybe because I'm not a Zumba lover. Those who loved it sure really enjoyed. :)


Tuesday, November 6

Seasons Of The Year

Every year during the earlier month of September to end of November is the fruit season in Malaysia as well as monsoon season (BOOOOO!!!). I'm a bit disappointed this year because there's not much local fruit selling during this fruit season. Maybe because of the monsoon season (Raining season).

Trees can't bare fruit during monsoon season, all the flowers were mostly dead. So local people who plant fruit can't harvest a lot this year. Which means the price of the fruit were ridiculously expensive. Especially Durian.

Durian is what Malaysian truly love about. It is also known as King of Fruit. We Malaysian like it because of the texture and the strong smell that all the airport and hotel forbidden this fruit to be in their territory. HAHA
If a person dislike like the smell then they would never like it mostly foreign people but this is what Malaysian loves.

Recently there's a statement where everyone shares about banana should be eaten ripe especially that has black spot on the banana skin. I've always eat banana that is ripe enough. Ripe banana taste better than on the way of ripe-ing. hahaha

I've been craving for local fruit for like so long. Luckily my supervisor is generous and bought fruit for us at least once a week! I iz happy!! :D

My supervisor bought Tarap today! The whole office smells bad. HAHA My dad doesn't eat this because he said it smells like pee pee. :O Its true especially when it was kept in an air condition room. The whole room smells bad.

Who doesn't love fruit right!? Especially local fruit! I love them you love it!? Never try?? Try it! Haha

God Bless and Cheers!

Thursday, November 1

Groupon Fever!

How can you say no to cheap food, vacation, hair treatment, slimming package and MOREEEE!! So many that you can't even choose. LOL I've sign up for for than half a year already. I think I saw this website when one of my ex classmate share this in her facebook. 

Nothing beats off my curiosity. So I take a look at the website. Apparently Kota Kinabalu has groupon offer! I didn't know it until I saw it. I was like asking my dad if he wanted to buy or not. Since it's my first time to buy groupon online. Everything turns out quite okay for me.

From Hair treatment to manicure to slimming package to massage to FOOODDD!!! I LOVE FOOD!! I've been buying food groupon every time. When the offer attracted me then definitely it's a deal! I love to buy food groupon that is worth for me and my family to enjoy.

I just saw this on the website! Korean BBQ Set is in groupon's offer!! Nobody buy it yet cause the offer just started! Grab it while its HOT! Hahaha 

As you can see in the arrow pointed, you can just sign up by connecting with your Facebook. Easy Peasy!! Effortless!! After you've sign up all you do is just go to the link and click buy! You can even buy as many as you can. Buy one free for me please!? :3 

Every time you've bought the groupon there's a record. Each groupon you've bought has a code of course and you definitely can't use the groupon multiple times only once.

This is the display of the voucher on the computer screen! Just print out the groupon when you need it. Don't forget to read the terms and condition! Each type of offer is different!

Here's my groupon *wink* This time I've bought Hi-Tea Buffet and Saturday BBQ buffet last 2 weeks ago!!  I still haven't got the chance to go yet. Busy with stuff and my dad outstation :( Will get to dine in within this month.

Cheers xoxo