Thursday, July 25

Chocolate Factory - Dine.Sport.Lounge

Oh Please don't mind the freaking low quality picture! Cause my phone sucks! Anyway we went to Chocolate Factory's Restaurant located at 88 Kepayan for mommy's birthday dinner. Its my treat btw. I manage to buy coupon voucher from groupon, to tried it out. 

I think this restaurant just started their business not long ago. So a lot of their food varieties were not available especially their dessert section. NUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Anyway when the food arrived we already started eating the 1st 3 dishes. I totally forgot to take picture. Too hungry to resist btw. 

Smoked Duck Breast RM9.90
Ordered Smoked Salmon as well for RM9.90

Pollo Alla Cacciatora RM18.90 (Spaghetti with roasted whole chicken leg)
Ordered Salmon Pasta as well for RM19.90

BBQ Beef Steak RM29.90

Chicken Cordon Blue RM18.90
Ordered BTL Sandwich as well for RM10.90

As you can see we ordered 7 dishes for 4 person, 2 starter, 4 main, 1 side, the food portion is obviously at its medium/ small size. If it wasn't because of promotion I wouldn't have come to this restaurant to dine in. Anyway if there's another promotion, I would definitely be back! If the food are worth the price we wouldn't mind to pay more, but when its not worth the price maybe we'll be back again for their promotion offer. I'm cheapskate in terms of food and everything. LOL Don't mind it, human nature btw. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, July 18

Antarabangsa 11th Dance Anniversary

Hello I'm back with short long post!? Either way. Last 2 weeks before the dance party I've been ranting a lot on twitter on how excited I was for the party. I cannot believe my eyes that so many years have past! I joined these Auntie Dance group (Line Dance actually :P) for almost 5 years back when I was still a student. Now they became part of our family (sort of, not really, just to make it sound nicer! HAHA) 

This year's theme was beach party, similar to our last year's 10th Anniversary but this one was super duper casual. Excuse the low quality picture cause I just grab it from Aunties fb. :P

Even tho they were all Aunties they won't loss to anyone in terms of parties (Borneo Jamming Party) , dance performance (Borneo Dance Performance) and eat all the food. LOL Nahh the purpose is to have fun, exercise and social! We even going to plan for a trip! Fuck Ya! My obsession in travelling is getting high. LOL

Group Photo for the evening class! 

Previously we had all glamorous party similar to wedding dinner sorta feel so we sit on a table according to numbers, so I just wanted to sit back and relax and eat all the food only. But it was really a casual party this year and this year I had the most fun and laughter compared to few years back. Cause it was a beach party theme and everyone were participating the games and stuff. So I'm kinda high that night and I joined the fun crazy night. 

We also perform a dance for the party. It was kinda not fun. LOL But then again everyone was having fun, crazy night. Oh we had second round at Blue Lagoon for one of Aunt's birthday party. I was so heated up by the alcohol that night. 3 glass of whisky + cola and  1 glass of vodka + lemon water it was not awesome. For those alcoholic it was easy but for me I'm already drunk. No more, no more I say. hahahaha

Till then, 
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, July 11

Lucy's Kitchen

Finally! A short food post here. 
Metro Town has finally became a food street. Literally.
Many restaurant has opened. I have yet to try all restaurant.
We tried out Lucy's Kitchen first. 
Cause this restaurant was originally located at Kepayan,
now they opened a branch here in Metro Town, Tuaran by pass.

Blue Ocean RM4.90
 Its actually sprite + coloring + 1 piece of lemon
Not bad actually. HAHA

Fish Burger and Fries RM9.90
Okay the fries was kinda little, its 22 pieces of fries in the picture HAHAHA
The burger section was fulfilling and cheap.

Grilled chicken chop RM16.90
This one is way too little. 
The size of the chicken is almost the size of my palm.
The taste was just average and it doesn't worth the price for it. 
Full House is better than this (own opinion)
Oh I didn't manage to tried out the dessert section yet.
Especially their durian pancake and mango pancake (house specialties)
and their waffle looks delicious.
Will be back again for dessert next time!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, July 8

Instagram World

Welcome to Instagram world! Congrates to me! Yeah finally I have insta account! Do follow me anyway. The last time I've wanted to create insta acc was last year! But I have no smart phone but now I do. HAHAHA :P I never knew that instagram is so amazing. So many amazing photography picture, to favorite blogger to favorite celebrities to youtubers and my friends! Never been so addicted before as twitter. LOL. 

Oh facebook is totally not into it already except for their games. Still update twitter as usual with loads of ranting tweet. LOL Yeah and insta as well. Kinda like checking it every hours if picture were uploaded. So amazing to discover different people on insta. Sometimes I was wondering why follow me when you don't even know who I am!? LOL Yeah I have like 5 to 8 followers that I don't even know who they are unless they're my fans! hahahaha Do follow me anyway. I want to know if you're my reader or not. (there's a bar badge insta on my right side! Do follow)  Hehehe

Or because of the hash tag thing? I barely do hash tag like #ig #igday #igdaily #instaoftheday #allthosebullshithashtag #LOL I don't mind the hash tag lah but there's no need to put like a lot cause it looks really messy. No offense anyway. 

Oh another thing I notice similar to twitter! They like to follow random people to gain follower then remove you later on. I was like wtf man luckily I didn't follow back or care anyway. Even if I follow already I'll remove back since I got provoked because you followed me. LOL And also those who buy followers and likes. Can you find me? I want to earn money from you cause every time I like your photo I get money. HAHAHA Earning money is not easy anyway. LOL

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, July 1

Suitable Bra Size

Okay I was kinda hesitate to post this post cause you know ehem...... HAHAHA
Okay cut the shyness out first!
Today I wanted to talk a little bit of our body today.
Which is a must and important to all ladies around the world. lol

(p/s: taken from

As you can see from the picture above, the width is much more bigger than the normal ones.
This one works the best to make your boob's shape more perfectly and accurate.
I meant the width of the bra squeezes all the fats from the sides of the armpit fats
 to the front and makes your boobs looks more bigger as well.
Besides the width of the strap did a great job by making straight posture instead of bend over posture.

To understand more do watch the video above by bubzbeauty!
She inspired me a lot in this video!
After watching this video I kept myself clear that I must own at least 1 or 2 of these ugly bra. LOL
I know its a little bit of Auntie or old style bra but wearing this were magic!
At first I'm not used to wearing this cause its too big similar like tube top but I get used to it after.
Been wearing these type of bra's for months and I can see a loads of different than before.
Hope you girls we're inspired by the video as well

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless