Monday, October 29

Praise the Lord!

Maybe its a fate that I got the chance to go to the church concert. It's my first time to go to this kind of concert in my life. That's why I've ask my friend to accompany me since my mom is lazy and dad just came back from outstation that day. I'm really excited and look forward for this concert and keep asking my friend to accompany me!

My friend brought her sis too since I've got 3 ticket from my supervisor. It's also my first time entering GCC. I'm amazed and amused by the fact that their auditorium is HUGE! More like a theater or concert venue.

The concert started around 8pm and finished at 9.30pm. All night we sang and Praise the Lord. To tell you the truth I really felt amazing at the concert. I sang along with the lyrics and slowly my hearts open up again. I could feel that my shoulder were less burdened. All my sin and burden were partly gone.

I have eye bag. :(

Every time I went to confession I couldn't feel any relieved nor my sin washed away. But there's a particular year where I went to confession in front of Father Chung and Lord, that one particular day where my heart and shoulder were relieved, opened and I teared (slightly teared a bit). 

Every time I went to confession I always seek back the feeling of relieved after confession. That's the feeling I want. That's what makes me stronger. And now I felt again with just singing the song and praise the Lord at the concert! I felt amazing. I felt stronger, happier and lighter. (no lies here)

You gave me hope, faith, strength, happy and a beautiful me. Thank You Lord Jesus!

God Bless Everyone! <3

Friday, October 26

Random Saturday

Ah yes a typical normal Saturday. I was wondering what other people were doing on their typical Saturday!? Or like me!? Working from morning 8am til 1pm then head home for lunch. Last 2 week ago mom and I went to Sabah Trade Centre were there's food, tourism and hospitality exhibition. So we went there after lunch.

Basically they promote more on delicacies! I didn't took any picture there! I really regret didn't bring camera that day. D: Super sad! Those who went there early definitely didn't miss the show of a foreigner showing his techniques and skill on how to cook French or Italy cuisine! I was too bored waiting for the food to cook. So we went around the other booth. 

And we discover CHEESE MAYO!!! OMG!! Its a type of cheese sauce especially the one KFC usually used for cheesy wedges!! Only Merdeka Supermarket is selling it! OMG! Going to get fat soon if we really bought it! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! HAHA

I totally forget the real name of the package but I'm sure and confirm it is Kraft brand and the plastic is in yellow color. I Google and I can't find it. Too bad! No picture was taken until I was home.. :(((((( 

There's a lot of free tasting food! From cake to siew mai to cracker to ice cream to soya bean drink! Just go and get some free tasting food! 

( This picture does not belong to mine, it belong to their respective owner. Thanks)

I tried out English Tea house scone cake! I'm in LOVE!! The scone itself is delicious but if added their signature lemon cream sauce and strawberry jam IT TASTE LIKE HEAVEN!!

One day I will definitely go to there and enjoy their tea! Super loved! So mom and I wandering around other booth and try out their food! Not bad. But there's this particular booth that sells Angry Bird fish cake =.=" The coloring was just too artificial and the taste is a little bit disgusting. I don't know how they manage to make it like that. Mai goodness! Don't even try buy color food. It's not appetizing and healthy at all. It only attracts kids. 

(A little bit dirt sorry bout that I forget to wipe it off before take picture. Paiseh lah. :P)

Nice to see, Nice to hold, But once tried out consider dislike. HAHAHA

Got free mini cupcake! I didn't try on the day because I'm too full from tasting other booth section! I ate it on the next day! Delicious! This mini cupcake was actually from Ascot Academic. They demonstrate and taught kids how to put pretty decorated cream on top of the cupcake! So cute right!? 

Then cracker's from cracker booth. LOL. They are giving these cracker so that we would buy their crackers. I didn't buy it tho. Unknown brand, not bad actually. Haha

My ugly face for the ending!! I have ugly eye bags and pimples. I filtered this picture! (fake face :((( ) 
That's all! Too bad I didn't brought camera. If not this blog will definitely longer!

Cheers and God Bless! :)

Tuesday, October 23

Veet It Off

Are you ready for beautiful smooth skin that lasts? VEET® hair removal products are a perfect way to remove unwanted hair on nearly every part of your body no matter your skin type. I personally love Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream. Smells so good ;)

Using Veet hair removal cream was really amazing. After usage it makes your skin smooth, beautiful and lasts longer than shaving! I usually use it when there's occasion. Simple and easy!

Just spread the cream over your leg or armpit or wherever hair that needs to be removed (except for head's hair) HAHA and wait for exact 3 minutes and just removed unwanted hair with the plastic shaver provided. It doesn't hurt your skin at all and it turn out good. 

Veet gives you smooth and hairless skin in quick and convenient steps! Then flaunt your confidence with your newly revamped outfits – cut it into a new style, fold it for a better fit or even tie it to create a whole new look! 

Join and showcase your revamped outfit and stand a chance to win RM10k worth of prizes, including a feature in a magazine spread! So Veet It Off and & reward your confidence! For more info visit their official page at Veet Malaysia

Cheers xoxo

Monday, October 22

Never Ending Shopping!

Who doesn't like cheap stuff?? I really don't believe if no one like cheap stuff. Every one like cheap stuff!! Recently I don't even know why I was involved with the performance this coming 10 Nov. Maybe because I suddenly join the performance on my dancing group's Anniversary party you can see it on my Previous post!.

So the dancing teacher says why don't you all perform again on 10th Nov, the event is bigger and KK is  hosting it. I was like WHAT!??

When it comes to big event for performance it means that you need to spend more money on costume. If it is just for our anniversary party we usually wear same color costume and don't even need to spend money at all. But when you were involved in a big performance one thing that must not be missing is shinny and beautiful costume.

Basically our costume will be tailor made and we were partly sponsor. And the problem is my mom. She doesn't have silver Latin shoes, mine I borrowed from dancing teacher. Luckily me. So mom have to buy one.

Instead of asking dancing teacher help mom buy. We buy it online. HAHA! Since mom's colleague knows the supplier so why not we buy it from her since its cheaper!

We actually find which one we like at and then tell the supplier and confirm which one then pay online or cash. They will eventually help you to buy it directly from China. Easy peasy. After paying all you do is wait!

Usually I thought that order China stuff would take AGES! But I was wrong again! This time it arrived 9 days after ordered! Super fast! Maybe they send it by Air Freight. So it's faster! Woohoo I'm super happy when we arrived early. hahaha LOL

Mom bought 2 pairs one was Latin shoes and other one is dancing shoes (shown below). Latin shoes was a little bit disappointed since the cutting was a little bit off. Dancing shoes is perfect tho. I never buy shoes online cause it never fits me perfectly. I don't know why China people's leg so tinny!? 

A little bit reminder for those who wanted to buy shoes online. Don't expect too much especially those who are big size like me (size 8). It will never fit perfectly unless you've bought it before or you really trust the brand or whatever it is. :)

Enjoy your online shopping peeps :D
God Bless! 

Sunday, October 21

Antarabangsa Line Dance 10th Anniversary

To tell you the truth I don't even know why I join this dancing group. I think I just followed my mom into this dancing group. Weird me. I've join this group for than 2 years. Or should I say, joining them during my school break. 

I've always attended their party or event held annually. Maybe because I only wanted to eat. I never like taking picture when there's event. Because I look old. =.= Sudah lah this dance group is Line dance, everyone is Auntie and Uncle. My goodness! I look old when I'm with them but they look young when they're with me. WTF! (It's true) 

It was the first time for me to perform in this dance group. I only performed 2 years ago. Now I'm back because of my size. LOL I'm fat so they chose those who has the same size to perform the dance. WTF Anyway the party was held at Port View Restaurant. Everyone in this party is a dance freak except youngster that went to the party. HAHA. 

The birthday cake is delicious! It was homemade butter cake sponsored by one of the dancer. Each table has one small cake to share! I ate 2 pieces! Yummy yummy :P This time the party wasn't that huge than 8th Anniversary. 8th Anniversary party was the biggest event of all. Mascot of Snow white and 7 dwarf, Mickey n Minnie, Donald n Daisy, Goofy n Pluto, Jester n Bucks Bunny! You can view my Previous old blog post! 

The theme this year was summer breeze! All wore Hawaii theme costume for the opening dance. After that some changed or took off their costume, cause the string sticks on your leg when you sweat that night. I didn't bought and dance for that. I look ugly and fat please.

I didn't bring camera that night. Cause mom forbidden me to bring. LOL Cause we have performance that night! Our performance was the last one that appeared. 

Seeee!!!! All same size people! =.= THEY EVEN LOOK YOUNGER THAN ME. D: People even say my mom look like my sister. OMG I'M OLD! MOM IS YOUNG :( tsk tsk tsk!

Basically you can guess what dance we're dancing already. Oppa Gangnam Style! All the spot light was actually on the Auntie that wore white shirt with blue stocking HAHA She doesn't look like Auntie right!? The costume make us laugh whole night. The crowd was awesome too! 

We just practice for two times and already perform that night. The DJ sucks please. Open the Orang Sabah Style! Supposed to be the original song. Luckily they didn't record the first part because we paused in confused due to wrong song!

At least we have fun that night! Another good memory to be remembered. There's still a long wait a head of us. 

Cheers xoxo <3

Friday, October 12

5 minutes away from home

How many days I didn't touch my blog. I did log into my blog but I'm just too lazy to click 'New Post'. Lazy ass me. During my jobless period I am so free that I nearly blog everyday (almost). But now since I've started work I'm too lazy man.

I've been catching up with my Korean drama 1 episode per day is good already. Sometimes line sucks too. BOOOO!!! Now that I've finished catching up with 'To The Beautiful You' drama, it means that more update on people's blog and youtube! Yay to me! LOL!!

My topic today : 5 minutes away from home

It actually means that I go to work / my parents send me to work or back only requires 5 minutes. Yes I don't exaggerate it. My working place is so near my housing area. I can woke up late slowly take my time. Even if I arrived at my office around 7.50am its still not yet open. Can you believe that!?

Office no open = No punch card
No punch card = Time not recorded
Time not recorded = Consider absent
Absent = No salary
No salary = Dead!

HAHA I was just joking! People here were nice and friendly. Almost working in a new company for 2 weeks. So basically I still have a lot of things to learn and understand. Once I've mastered all the account I'll be the only 1 that control everything (sounds like a boss) :P Not quite yet till control everything its just that I'll be the one that handle account alone. BOOO!!! Major BOOOO!!!

Most awesome thing is that I have my own covered cubical ( nobody can see what I'm doing unless that person is standing LOL), also a personal comp and free staff refreshment (breakfast drink, milo etc.) More convenient for me to do my account and some privacy. Not so stress for now, but slowly I think it will when I learn more. Learn more = more work to do. I still haven't decide whether I should go study or not. Maybe or maybe not. Will see...

Enjoy the one of the OST 'To The Beautiful You'
J-Min - Stand Up

Cheers and God Bless!