Thursday, June 20

Lita Pumped Heels

I seriously have nothing to blog lately. 
So might show you girls my haul today. 

Scream girls sreammmmmm. LOL 
I finally own this Lita shoes after so many months of searching.
Finally found a website that sells this! 
I'm so fucking happy!
Since I'm so happy I might as well share to you girls the website

Basically I found the name of these shoes (my title of the blog) some where,
so I search up where to buy, and tada its on iOffer. LOL
I don't know if its worth but I just bought it since its made from China & cheaper,
not the real brand of Jeffrey Campbell (mad expensive if its original)
So yeah hope you girls had a great time shopping for this shoes! 

p/s: since its made in China/ship from China pls don't consider buying branded stuff from them,
even their clothes totally similar with taobao but much more expensive,
if you think its worth the buy then buy, if not don't even think about it unless you're overly rich. LOL
so shop wisely girls!! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.


  1. Eu amei essas botas,
    elas não vendem tão facilmente aqui no Brasil sabia?
    Seu blog é super fofo e você é super divertida.

    Kisses from Brazil

    1. Thanks Loves! I need to use translator to translate! :P
      You actually can buy the boots from the website
      I've stated which is
      cause it ships internationally.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Do visit my blog regularly :D