Saturday, September 21

Pulau Sapi Trip

First ever trip to Pulau Sapi with colleague! 
Bucket list √√
Finally of all these years I've manage to go have fun at Pulau Sapi. 
We went to Pulau on Malaysia Day! Holiday btw.

Friendliest colleague ever!
We arrived at the Jesselton Terminal around 7.30am
We bought ticket and waited until 8.30am for the boat to start.
A LOT of tourist I mean A LOT, went to Pulau as well. 

I'm sitting in front of the speed boat and I'm all soaked up when I arrived at Pulau Sapi.
The boat was so fast the water practically splashing all over me and my colleague.
We've been laughing from the ferry terminal until we arrived Pulau.
Everyone in the boat was laughing at us cause we sound so pathetic. LOL
But we just couldn't stop laughing at the water splashing us all the way to Pulau AHAHA
It was a gloomy morning at first but it was so freaking hot later on.

We make friends with the life guard LOL not me my colleague actually 
Cause all our clothes we're soaked up from the speed boat ride.
We dried up our clothes on the old wakeboard 
and eventually we stay under the life guard house and ended up chatting.
So he help us take some of the photo and surprisingly it was good! 

We'd snorkeling both side of the beach. We saw lots of fish!
It was AWESOME and I drank a lot of salt water. hahaha


Oyster!!! I no dare to dig it out.

Shell crayfish??? 

After all the swimming and stuff we went to the other side for a walk,
where only few couples went for sunbathing, not allowed to swim since its out of the border. 
That's where we discover loads of mussels and oyster laying on the rocks. 

Totally had fun drinking sea water, learned how to snorkeling, saw loads of fish, 
kept on freaking out thinking that I stepped on a stingray actually its stone -.-
I don't dare to go deeper to the sea to see sea coral. 
Have to be cautious especially in the sea.  
I had fun anyway! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless