Saturday, March 23

Off We Go

Hellooooo! Short Post here or maybe long. Depends. Anyway I'm not going to update blog for weeks or more since I'm going for vacation for 8 days. Even I'm back I still need to compile all my photo so that I could blog about my trip. So excited already. Lemme give you some tips on things you should or shouldn't brought during vacation.

What you should bring and what you shouldn't bring during vacation. 

(Disclaimer: Picture from Google. Has their respective owner. So back off people. HAHA)

Tips - Should bring

~ Don't throw away old bra, underwear, old clothes, old pants, old socks. This might come in handy. For old bra , undies, and socks you could throw away each time when you've worn it for the whole day during travelling. As if you're in 7 day trip try to at least bring 4 to 5 old clothes/ pyjamas which is more comfortable for night wear and throw away when worn. This method will definitely reduce the luggage weight and when there's no time to wash it. 

~ Lotion is a must especially travelling and also medicine based on doctor's prescription. Never forget to bring lotion no matter how dry or humid the weather. For cold & dry weather try to bring lotion which is more thicker and moisture. For humid & hot weather its good to have spf 50+ with easy absorption so your skin won't feel sticky all day long.

~ Bring at least one more extra hand carry bag in your luggage. When you're in a shopping heaven, you might want to have extra bag. Just in case you have no time to buy extra luggage during the trip.

Tips - Shouldn't bring

~ Hairdryer, curler tong / straightener. Most of the hotel would definitely provide these stuff (except for tong). Unless you're going into jungle (don't even have electricity -.-) or stayed in a cheap hotel which didn't provide anything, then you can bring. For curler tong / straightener , absolutely no, unless you're attending a fashion show or you have the energy to bring & carry loads of stuff back and forth. I don't think you even have the time to doll up on a tired trip. 

~ Fancy clothes & accessories, Please don't bring fancy clothes, bring comfy and casual clothes. Sometimes fancy clothes might not be functional and comfortable because you'll be walking, sweating or freezing all day.  Please leave all your expensive belongings / accessories at home, never bring it during travelling, it may caused eye catching for thieves. 

Erm.... That's all I could think off. Who knows this might come in handy. I always go with comfortable style. :D Anyway going to fly soon. Will be back for update soon! I'll make sure you drool all the way when you're reading my trip post!

Have a nice and great day!
Cheers and God Bless. :D

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