Friday, March 22

Dancing with the shoes

Sometimes we need to break a leg, not relaxing but dancing! :D
As you all know I've been joining dancing class for years now 
caused I'm scared staying at home alone at night. HAHAHA(true)
But this is also the only way I could sweat it out. 
Lack of exercise and gaining weight sucks. 
Still need to maintain body weight please. 

(Sorry for the ugly picture of me, If you happened to vomit while reading you might want to exit this blog. LOL)

Mommy :3

We had a celebration, actually for the late CNY celebration.
Caused during month of February everyone was busy for CNY.
So for the whole month of Feb we didn't attend any class at all
In the same time war began. We stop the class until the war was settled or calmed down. 
So we return to class on the 2nd week of March.

I don't usually took picture on my dancing class 
but I somehow wanted to on that particular night. LOL

Took few pictures before the class started. 
Okkkk my face really blends well with these Aunties. T.T I look old.
(Anyone of these Aunties apparently your parents?? HAHA) 

After class everyone was having a FEAST.
Fattening much?? All home cooked meal btw. 

See aggressive much??
 I'm sitting in the front row beside the dancing teacher
HAHAHA I wanted to be in the spotlight that night.  
We had fun and randomly talked about going travelling with these bunch of Aunties. :D

 I've been hearing helicopters and army plane flying everyday. Creepy.
Anyway I can't wait for my trip.

Tata and God Bless! 

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