Thursday, March 21

Firefly Bar & Grill

Hi food Post again. My bff and I are a serious food glutton. We always buy food coupon at groupon since we never tried out the food and its cheap too. So why not tried out when we even had the chance to. This time we tried out Firefly Bar & Grill. We bought burger groupon. :) Don't mind my poor quality camera. :P

This one is sunrise juice not cocktail. So its non alcohol. 
For underage people. HAHA

We tried out cocktail! I personally love Blue Lagoon. haha
Blue Heaven is okay but bitter taste. 
Mine is Sex on the beach. LOL weird name and taste like toothpaste. 
I personally wanted Tequila Sunrise but some of the ingredient were not available. grrrrrr

The toothpaste taste is really strong
 but the more you drink the lesser the taste of toothpaste. 
Even tho the alcohol level is low but I'm not an alcohol lover. 
I will still tried out something new tho. :D

I look fat in this pictureeeeeee.
The burger looks so big right?

Grill Lamb burger 

Pork burger! 
Personally love the grill lamb burger. 
Four of us ordered 2 Pork Burger and 2 Grill Lamb Burger
So we shared half and tried out.
Non of use finished the food. Portion is big.
Very worth it. Next time gonna tried out others menu.
Food all the way down. hahahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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