Monday, March 18


Its been awhile since I've post self shot picture! hahaha I don't know what to post lately. Lack of inspiration! Overall month March is okay. Nothing much to do at work, same routine every time. This is the 3rd week of March already. Like seriously?? I just felt like I've just celebrate New Year. Time flies. Finally I get the time to met up with my bff! I have lots off bff LOL We chat, gossip, EAT A LOT, shopping for books and stuff!
I bought 2 books courtesy to Diana from the book voucher!  Deemed to read a lot of books. I even watch English drama without English or Malay subtitles now! I'm so happy. LOL

 Kinda excited for the travelling trip this end of March which is on 23rd to 30th March. Been waiting for this trip for years to happen. Finally the trip is confirmed and I'm so happy. Since this is the last week before we fly off, we're 50% ready as in packing, money changed and lots things to prepare for emergency and stuff, still have loads of things to pack. So our family is excited! Can't wait! Since I've announced the whole world (as in my friends & colleagues) that I'm travelling I have to buy something for them as souvenir. But I don't know if I have time to shop since we're following tour. I hope I can buy lots of things for them. hahaha Hopefully. :)

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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