Tuesday, March 5

Red for CNY

Manicure Post! New on blog! LOL Never really think of posting this. All my post were all about food food food and food. This is what I did during my stay back at my hometown during Chinese New Year. I had lots of free time, bored, I even had time to do mask.

Most people busy opened house (means the owner invited friends and family over to their place to celebrate CNY together), visit friends and family during CNY. My hometown has no people and we live in the jungle (kidding HAHA)

I did something simple RED COLOR for CNY cause red represent fortune.
 Left hand orange red, Right hand red pink.
 Except for my thumb. I exchanged both color.

A closer look for my nails. 
I always stain the side of my fingers and its hard to get rid of it.
 It will be gone when the time comes LOL.

Skin food is my favorite nail polish!
 I've been buying it since they've started selling in Malaysia.
 I was hoping for China Glaze and OPI soon!

Till then,
God Bless

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