Friday, March 1

Home Made Pan Mian

Have you ever wonder that pan mian (noodles) is actually spaghetti?? 
I don't know if its true or not but the way of making noodle is basically the same.
Its just that we use local flour and eggs. 
We make Pan Mian (noodles) on CNY Day 3 Morning! 

A very simple ingredient for making noodles.
1.5 kg of Wheat Flour, 4 Eggs and suitable amount of water

Pour out the flour like a pyramid shape

Make a hole in the middle and add the eggs into it.
After mixing up the eggs 
constantly adding water so the dough blends together.

 I added water based on my instinct. It became like this!
I don't need any scaling tho. Don't add to much water until it became watery dough. 
We're not baking cake ok. 

Cut the dough into similar size and roll them. Looks like cheese. HAHA

Then you can cut it into noodles! There's no need to use any machine. 
All hand made! 

TADDAAA! Here's the amazing noodles soup of the day!
We used chicken bones, fresh fish and added some fish ball and meat 
so that the broth is tasty. No MSG added at all. 
Added some chilies, stir fried red onion and some spring onion for better flavor. 

I had to wake up early morning just to knead the dough.
If I don't wake up no breakfast for the day. 
Its kinda hard to knead the dough using hand but you get a great taste of it.
Cause the more you knead the dough the more chewy the noodle. 
So even when you accidentally over cooked few minutes it won't become soggy. 
The food portion I did was for 10 people. 
Looks yummy right!? You can try it out yourself with your family!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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