Thursday, March 7

CNY Day 3 : Dinner

MORE FOOD POST! I shall make you all hungry all they way. LOL. On the CNY Day 3, was our last day of staying at our hometown. We didn't book any Chinese restaurant for dinner since we can't decide and most of the Restaurant were still close back then except for hotel which was mostly fully booked. 

So we decided to go to Sushi Restaurant. Kinda amazing that a lot of people are opening sushi restaurant. I don't know why but sushi restaurant attracts the most people to dine in. Now let the hungry people suffer reading my post! hahahaha :P

Totally forget to take picture ended up 1 ebiko sushi in my tummy already. haha 
some were missing as well, too hungry already.
Ordered a sushi combo set which was more reasonable and the portion was kinda big.

This was also part of the sushi combo set.

Bro ordered Gyuniku Ramen and I order Gyuniku Udon. *Slurps slurps*
I shared the Udon with mom.

Others order the same Chicken & tempura set

Dad order Tempura Udon (totally forget the name but similar)
This one taste better than gyuniku udon.
Cause the broth taste like sauce and thicker taste too. 

For the dessert we got green tea ice cream for free!! :D
Everyone were bloated with yummy food.
Every time we're going back to hometown,
 we're sure to be bloated with amazing and delicious food
So obviously we gain A LOT of weight. haha
Time to workout! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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