Monday, March 11

Shopping Spree

I tend to be attracted by lots of female. They would scream at me, talking about me all day once I appeared. They love me for who I am and always think about me when they need me.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Shopping Spree a.k.a Sales. HAHA =.=" 

I don't really know the actually day of sales. In Malaysia they have sales 4 times a year. As long as they're having discount and sales I considered as shopping spree time. Cheap stuffffffffffff my favorite! 

Guess how much I bought this dress for??
Its only RM 25 and elastic belt for RM 9.90 (You can convert to your own currency)

Mad cheap please. But I took a risk this time
 Because its a clearance week so no testing was allowed.

Luckily it fits cause its free size. 
Sometimes free size has small cutting and its too small to fit in
 cause I'm a fat and a chubby person. 
Not regret buying this!
I was wondering when will I have the chance to wear this to? haha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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