Friday, March 8

Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)

Last Post about CNY! Should be the last food post for CNY. hahahaha Every Year during CNY each family's tradition is to make Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls). Tang Yuan is usually eaten together with family which symbolize reunion of family/ family togetherness. Previously I've showed how to make Homemade Pan Mian Now I'll be showing you all an easy making Tang Yuan! 

This time round you need a bowl or baking tray to support the dough.
Since its going to be very sticky all over. 
Prepare hot water and glutinous rice flour.
You can't make tang yuan with normal flour we're not baking or making Pan Mian this time.

Pour 250gram of glutinous rice flour 
and add the right amount of hot water into the bowl.

You all should make the dough sticky like glue but thicker
Still need to knead the dough.
Make sure your hands were empty.
 No accessories or else the sticky dough doesn't come off
Cause glutinous rice flour is much more stronger and harder to get rid 
So remember no accessories on hands.

And now we can start to make it into smaller size
Tang Yuan can be either 10 cents small or 50 cents large size
and be filled or unfilled 

We filled our glutinous rice ball with peanut butter!
As well as some unfilled. 
Tang Yuan is a dessert.

Last time we did is Ginger Tang Yuan. Where the broth for Tang Yuan dessert was boiled with old ginger and rock sugar only. This year my Aunt did something different. She made Pumpkin dessert! So it shall be called Pumpkin Tang Yuan Dessert! :D I don't know how to make Pumpkin dessert. Shall learn it from my Aunt next time. hahaha

Have fun making Tang Yuan!
Cheers and God Bless.

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