Tuesday, March 12

Tea Time!

One shall not torture/ banned others from eating if you want to eat.
One shall not starve themselves if you want to eat.
One shall not say no to food if you want to eat. 
So I shall enjoy my tea time! 

Black pepper lamb pie! :D

Joined a contest using the picture above
You can read my post here Tickling My Tastebuds
Hopefully I won the contest! Which is not going to be happen. :(

I don't hate blueberry I just hate cooked fruit. 
Taste so weird when fruit is cooked or a jam.

I don't know what type of drink she ordered. I think its some sort of juice.
 Mine is Ice blended green tea!
Secret Recipe's Ice Blended Green Tea taste better than Starbucks!
Starbucks pours too much milk and it taste like milk instead of green tea.
One shall not overpowered the original taste!
Whats the point of drinking green tea with lots of milk inside?
No offense tho! Personal opinion. 

Another tallest girl that I know.
Even I wore the highest heels as in 6 inch nearly at her height but
still can't reach her height. Dafuq?
Obviously I'm short! :(

Blurred out picture!
Anyway time to eat, I'm hungry. LOL

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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